what did Amnesty International do to get Guantanamo Bay prison closed

Q- What did Amnesty International do to get Guantanamo Bay prison closed?

Answer- Amnesty International is an international human right organization which helps people who suffer due to violation of human rights. 

Whereas, Guantanamo Bay prison is a prison where prisoners were tortured a lot.

The three main features of the prison of Guantanamo Bay are as follows:

1. This place was not located in US but an area near Cuba, controlled by American Navy as nobody knew the located of the prison.

2. Families of Prisoners, media or even UN representatives were not allowed to meet the prisoners. 

3. There was trial before any magistrate and US law was completely violated.

The Amnesty International reported that the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay were tortured in such a way that it is against US law. Regarding this illegal work the UN Secretary General said that the prison in Guantanamo Bay should be closed down. 

These are the steps taken by Amnesty International to get Guantanamo Bay prison closed.

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