Importances of title in Blog posts

Headlines are always REALLY important.

They are important when it comes to choosing the title of a book, the title of a blog post, the title of an ebook … The list keeps growing. But their importance is only multiplying when it comes to choosing a good ad headline for an advertising campaign. I tested it and the titles can really make a difference. I’m obviously talking about sales and the conversion rate.

As an example, and to prove myself right, I decided to run a little campaign on Facebook to try and sell one of those ebooks that teach how to make money by tweeting.

I wanted to check if the importance of the titles was really that huge or if I was just exaggerating. Well the results speak for themselves. On the first campaign, I just decided to put a “regular” title. I just wrote what the ebook was about. “How to Make Money Tweeting” or something similar – now I remember what the exact title was, running out of space on my head because of college – and just hit enter.

I put the obvious marketing factors aside, such as demographics and age – quite important, remember under 18s don’t have a credit card – because I was only focusing on titles and I had some money to play. So what were the results?


Let it separate:

Campaign n ° 1

Here is what I did:

I just entered the obvious marketing factors I mentioned earlier and bought X – sorry I can’t remember the exact amount sorry guys – number of clicks hit enter and just waited .

For those who think Campaign # 1 was conducted without considering market research, you’d be wrong. I did my typical market research. I had money to gamble on, but money is money after all and no one wants to waste their money.

Remember the only factor I had left without my spin was the title.

Before we see the results of the first campaign, let’s see what I did for the # 2 campaign.

Campaign n ° 2

Campaign # 2 had the exact parameters of Campaign # 1.

I bought the same number of clicks and set the same demographic and age filter. But I changed the title. Better said, I optimized the title.

Campaign result n ° 1

Let’s get right to the point. I don’t remember the number of clicks purchased, but I do remember the conversion rate.

Campaign # 1 earns me an 11.29% conversion rate, for those who don’t get it, out of total clickers 11.29% bought the product I was promoting.

I didn’t have to design a graph to see the results. It was simple.

I got a good return on my investment, but I could have really been better… As shown in campaign # 2.

Results of campaign n ° 2

Revenue has increased dramatically thanks to an enhanced title.

Campaign # 2 earns me a 23.81% conversion rate which is not my best but clearly shows what I was looking for.

I didn’t need to chart and compare to campaign # 1 to see that the results from optimizing headlines were twice as good.

Headlines can really make a difference.



You didn’t think I would leave this post without sharing some knowledge, did you?

Now that I’ve proven and shown you the importance of headlines – especially in marketing campaigns – let me share some tips I’ve learned from experience – and most importantly, losing money – that could help you.

Tips for optimizing your titles

Just three quick tips:

– Get right to the point. Marketing campaigns are all about maximizing profits while minimizing losses.

When you run a campaign to sell a product, the best way to do it is to add the cost of the product to the title. The reason is simple.

When using the PPC system – pay per click – every click is worth gold, so you should try to make sure that every clicker knows what they can get and what the price is. Otherwise you will get “dead clicks”. Let me show you an example:

You are ready to sell a book on How To Make Money Blogging.

You will be more likely if you titled your ad “ how to make money blogging – only $ 47 ” than if you named it “ how to make money blogging ” because a lot of people will just check the ad to see how to make money. blog thinking it’s free because you didn’t specify.

Understand what I mean? Specifying the price is REALLY important.

– Adding your ex perience can also help. For example, “How this book helped me make money blogging – only $ 47”.

You say the eBook has helped you make money blogging which will help clickers get ahead of the curve and buy it.

Obviously, you should never lie.

– Avoid the typical click here – or don’t click here – because as said, every click is worth gold and you should get as straight to the point as possible.

I think this point is very important for newbies as they can get confused as leaving a bit of mystery is a good way to increase click rate but remember using PPC guarantees you those clicks, so you don’t need to apply this method here.

Hope you can now increase your sales now or at least minimize your losses.

Do you have anything to add?

I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this topic. Share some tips? Submit a comment and will discuss!

Thanks for reading.

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