Tips to makes blog posts viral

Tips to makes blog posts viral:

Every blogger who wants to take this seriously needs to know what the best sources of traffic are.

There are many sources, like word of mouth – which is my favorite because it’s free and because it’s targeted traffic – others like PPC ads, which you have to pay to get that traffic …. But there is a way to get traffic that seems a bit ‘forgotten’, even if it’s incredibly effective.

I’m talking about viral traffic. How to go viral and get tons of visitors to your site?

Going viral is extremely important if you want to make a profit with your blog, sell affiliate products, or sell your own – an ebook, blog lessons, etc. – it is therefore essential to know what techniques can be used to achieve this.

Let’s start from the beginning in case a newbie is reading this 🙂

What goes viral?

It is very similar to word of mouth. Let’s explain it with the help of a very simple example. Ebook copy1 216×300 How to go viral and generate tons of traffic

Let’s say you launch your new ebook. You talk to 10 people about it. The number of people is very low, but these 10 people know about 10 different types and they will tell them about your new ebook.

These last 10 will, once again, spread the world and tell about your product to 20 other people each.

Let’s see, your product has been advertised to 2,000 bloggers. 10 x 10 x 20 = 2,000

And he just started talking with 10 friends.

Do you see the power? It’s viral marketing.

Things aren’t so great from here on out, because now we’re going to figure out how to go viral, how to get 10 people to advertise 10 other guys, etc.

How to ride the viral wave and go viral

This is where the hard part comes from. There are tons of websites that promise to put an affiliate link that will be distributed to their users. Sounds great, but most of them – if not all – will only promote your link if you promote other links from other members first.

It sounds bad. Really.

So from my perspective and experience, I think the following three ways are the most useful and the easiest to go viral.

1) Twitter. Love contests.

Twitter appears to be made to exploit viral marketing. Every retweet is gold. Getting retweets is going viral.

A great way is to do promotion and contests or something that requires a retweet to enter contests or to get a ticket for a raffle… You have to be creative, but that’s the main idea.

2) Relations.

It’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about their influence. If I tell you what you would choose, have 100 friends or be friends with someone like Shoemoney or Darren Rowse? I would definitely choose the second option.

Does that mean you should only focus on relationship building on issues? Not at all.

You have to take every reader that you have and build a relationship with him / her the same way you would act if he / she was a problemogger.

3) Useful tips.

The most obvious. Can’t finish this post without the useful content, right?

If you have something interesting to share, people will do the work for you.

I might be forgetting something – in that case please leave a comment to update the post to make it more accurate and complete –

Always be creative and innovative.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post.

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