In what ways the working population in russia different from other countries in europe before 1917

Q- In what ways the working population in Russia different from other Countries in Europe, before 1917?

Answer- Compare to the conditions of the people Europe, Russian people, especially the working class like the farmers and the factory workers were very deplorable. The main reason behind it was autocratic government of the Tsar Nicholas 2, who exploited these people day by day by corrupt and oppressive policies. 

Much of the produce of the peasant workers went into the hands of the landowners and the privileged classes. Large properties were owned by the nobilities, the king and Orthodox Church.

In European countries, the peasants respected nobles and fought for them whereas in Russia the condition is just opposite, the peasants wanted the land of nobles to be given to them. They often refused to pay rents and even killed their landlords. This was because of the various oppressive policies that built up frustration.

The factory workers faced same miserable situation or condition. They were unable to form any trade unions and political parties to express their opinion. The private Industrialists exploited the workers and many or several times they refused to pay them wages after taking a large work from them or pay very less wages to them. There was also no limited working hours so the workers were forced to worked a lot of time for only less wages.

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