Why did the Tsarist autocracy collapsed in 1917

Q- Why did the Tsarist autocracy collapsed in 1917?

Answer- There were several reasons behind tsarist autocracy collapsed in Russia in 1917. But some of the main reasons behind them are as follows:

1. The Tsar’s participation and defeat in World War one proved the last straw to break the camel’s back.

2. Just like French Revolution in Russia Philosophers played a very vital role. One of the well known philosopher Karl Marx played a very crucial role in it. He share his ideas among the suppressed peasants, factory worker, farmers and labours to make them aware to raise voice against the injustice.

3. The autocratic ruler of Tsar was quit inefficient. He was a self-willed, corrupt and oppressive ruler who never cared of the welfare of the people of the country.

4. The condition of workers were also very deplorable in Russia. They were unable to form any trade unions and political parties to express their opinion. The private Industrialists  used to exploit the workers and many of them refused to pay wages after taking a large work from them. The working hours of labours were very high and sometime it reaches above 15 hours.

5. The peasants had to work as a serf in land of the King, Orthodox Church and Nobility and no one had their own land to work on it. Majority of the land was divided among three of them.

6. During Word War one the Tsar autocracy started taking unilateral decisions without consulting with Duma.

You can note the above points because these are the main reasons behind tsar autocracy collapsed in 1917. If you are interested to learn more about them so you ca also read some ore information above tsar autocracy collapsed in Russia in 1917. So keep reading the paragraph given below:

After year 1905 in Russia most of the factor committees as well as trade unions were declared as illegal. There were too much restriction sin political actions or activities. As Tsar do not want anyone to question their authority and powers so they quickly dismissed the first two Dumas and the third duma was filled out with conservative politicians. All the factors that are given above and blow are behind collision of Tsar autocracy in Russia in 1917.

Now we are going to tell you some more reasons that are behind Tsar autocracy collision in 1917. These are given below point by point so that you can read them easily:

  • When all the Russian soldiers were retreating from war all the buildings were destroyed and the swathes of agricultural lands were burnt on the order of Tsar autocracy.
  • In that battle millions of soldiers were killed.
  • At that time most of the population is farmer and engaged in farming activities but still most of the land is owned by some private people. This made peasant and farmers angry.
  • The situation of workers were very miserable at that time. This is because their wages were very low, the working hour of labours are very long (about 15 hours) etc. this all collectively leads to a very big revolt.
  • There is too much scarcity of employment and many workers are unemployed at that time.
  • The workers and labours started demanding for high wages so their voice as suppressed. This made them dissatisfied and aggressive.
  • The condition of peasants are also worst just like factory workers because most of the peasants are poor and landless, they had to work for free or very low wages, they had to pay high revenues to their landlords and very less amount left for their survival etc. Because of thee factors the situation of peasants and farmers became very miserable.
  • The Russian population lost faith from in their ruler (King of Russia). There is distrust between common people.

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