List any three ways of preventing the spread of airborne diseases

Q- List any three ways of preventing the spread of air-borne disease.

Answer- Airborne diseases are those diseases that are caused due to any virus, bacteria or any pathogen that can transmit or spread by the means of air. 

There are many ways of preventing these air borne diseases from spreading. Some of them are as follows:

  • We should not sit close to any person whom we found or think is infected.
  • We should not move out from home when we are sick.
  • Everyone should use mask or any other thing such as cloth, handkerchief etc. to cover our face in public places.
  • Everyone should cover their face while coughing, sneezing or yawning.

The pathogen that causes air borne diseases is capable of transmitting from one person to another by the means of air. These disease spread whenever anyone sit or move from closely to any infected person. Mostly air borne disease caused when any healthy person inhale or breath air with infection pathogens.

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