3 Simple steps to Find the best way to make money online

3 Simple steps to find the best way to make money online

Making money on the Internet is not as complicated as people would like you to believe. You see, if you complicate it, you can sell people as many so called WONDER remedies as you want and many will buy.

But one of the real problems with the whole “internet marketing thing” is that people tend to overcomplicate things instead of taking the time to wonder, or even wonder … is there a solution? easy to earn money on the Internet?

Now, I’m not saying it’s EASY. Easy and simple, they are not the same.

As with anything worthwhile, making money online takes effort. Constant effort backed by a plan, not weak prayer… Here is my simple 3 step formula for making money online, take this advice or leave it.

I spent many months overcomplicating it, thinking that “if you want to make money, you have to do as much as you can. In fact, I spent hours and hours doing stuff… some days I did so much stuff… I felt like my eyes could bleed looking at that computer screen.

Doing a lot of STUFF doesn’t make you good at making money – it just makes you good, looking like you’re doing something.

So what is this MAGIC, secret formula … well, it’s not magic and it’s certainly not a secret, just common sense actually.

1) Find a market full of people who have problems to solve… do your research online to see if this same group is also spending money trying to solve the problem they have.

2) Find out exactly what they WANT… no need. People tend to spend like crazy on the things they WANT, much more than the things they NEED.

3) Sell it to them… that’s right – sell them what they want…

The URGENT the problem, the better and the more they think about their problem during the day – the better.

Make money online
Make money online


A) A stinging ass… not very URGENT… boring yes, URGENT – NO!

B) BATTERIES… Very painful, quite urgent

A) Back strain .. slight discomfort – not urgent

B) Back pain… very urgent, I will think about it ALL day.

A) A Tiff with a girlfriend / boyfriend – not urgent

B) Heartbreak & Heartache… very URGENT… a solution is urgently needed

I think you understand my drift. There is a million and one problem every day. People are looking for answers to urgent, painful problems, I am not talking about problems the doctor can solve, I am talking about problems – you can solve.

So there you have it: find a hungry market, feed it how it wants… keep doing this and you just might have just solved one of your own problems… it won’t be EASY, nothing worthwhile ever is.


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