How to stop Your Blog Traffic from Going Down

How to stop Your Blog Traffic from Going Down

I love my Blog, and frankly – my Blog loves me… how do I know that?

Well, every day it brings me cool people, who take the time to browse my content and sometimes comment, so they tweet my tips to their Twitter followers and sometimes “like” them to their Facebook friends.

So, do you want a TON of traffic coming to your blog everyday? and most FREE? – OK, here it is:

1) Name your FAN page on Facebook after your blog, mass invite your Facebook friends to join your fan page and also in the same post ask them to subscribe to your blog as well.

2) Add network blogs to your Facebook profile. Then click on the Syndication button and each post can then be automatically sent to your personal page, fan page, group page and Twitter accounts.

3) Use the Network Blogs app to invite your Facebook friends to subscribe to your blog. You can invite a maximum of 16 friends every 24 hours. However, you can send unlimited invitations to your personal mailing list.

4) Add a Blog tab to your Facebook profile. Using network blogs will allow you to drag Blog tab to your profile, add network blogs to tab .. Or you can also add RSS feed blog tab through Blog tab . Personally, I would go for the Network Blogging on the tab.


5) Add a plugin to your Wordpess blog that allows your visitors to share your content, with their social networks. I personally use Sexy Bookmarks to share on social media, and I also use Tweetmeme for visitors to tweet the content to their Twitter followers. if they want to do it. I also strongly suggest that you add a Facebook “Like” button to make your visitors like your content. Their friends will be able to see what they “like”

6) Make a short 30 second video for FREE at Animoto, add images from your blog, text describing your blog, and free music from Animoto. Submit it to as many video sharing sites as possible. Also share the video on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.

7) Comment on other peoples blogs. especially high ranking blogs on page 1 or 2 of Google. Just type the keywords for your particular niche into Google and search for blogs .. then post helpful comments that link back to your blog. This will create high quality backlinks to your blog.

8) Comment regularly in forums, using your blog URL embedded in your clickable signature link.

9) Write articles (these could be your blog posts), submit them to Ezine articles and other article sharing sites, and link your blog to the author bio.

10) Promote your blog on FREE classifieds sites like Craigslist – you can even post free classifieds on eBay under “local services”

11) Exchange links with other blog owners.

12) Discover Fiverr. There are a lot of people out there who will do all kinds of things to get you traffic to your blog, for just $ 5.

13) Include links to your blog in every email you send to your list.

14) Post free views of your blog on Facebook Marketplace for FREE! for 30 days. – Check out mine, you can also promote it to top of listings for free, once every 24 hours.

15) Advertise your blog on your CAR!… Not literally… just put your URL and what it is in your back window or elsewhere on your vehicle. He may or may not get views, but that might be a good talking point at the local school or Tesco … I didn’t see that one coming, did I …

Hope you enjoyed today’s tips on how to increase traffic to your blog. If you found this useful, please comment.

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