Making more money sharing than selling

Why you will make more money blogging sharing tan selling?

Sounds stupid right? How could someone make more money by giving away items for free rather than selling?

Answer is simple… Marketing!

People are greedy, and that, sometimes, it’s like a tree avoiding you to see the forest!

How can you make more money by sharing instead of selling?

Let’s see.

Email Marketing

That’s how big guys make big money. Building an email list is just necessary if you’re serious about blogging.

You email list will be your biggest promoting tool ever, and the most powerful if you play it right.

Anyway, email lists are something we will talk about on future posts. What I wanted to do with this post is to kind of convince you and letting you see that sharing is really better than directly selling.

–          Email list: The most obvious and profitable reason. Using a service like Aweber will help you building that list, and that list will help you to get a loyal audience and use it to promote future own / affiliate products.

–          Popularity: After the targeted traffic coming from search engines, the word- of – mouth traffic is the best source of traffic possible because it’s an endless source and, best of all, it’s not possible that it suddenly drops off, which can happen with search engine traffic.

Your popularity will increase when people know you’re giving away freebies and they will want visit your site.

–          Traffic: Hence, you will obviously receive a huge amount of extra traffic, which is always GREAT.

–          CPP:  If you’re using a service like Google Adsense or Bidvertiser, that extra traffic will also turn into extra revenue, so it’s an unbeatable deal.

Looking for the long term

In short words, what would you rather choose? A quick boom cash (that may not be even that, that’s one of the risks of trying to “one time” sell a product: may work or may not) or, let’s say, a tool that will provide you the possibility to get yourself a monthly salary?

I’d go for the second one and a bet you too.

Don’t let a tree avoids you from seeing the whole forest

Sometimes, our greedy avoids us to see the big possibilities out there, and something that may look cool and safe may be hiding us another even greater opportunity.

Remember that you work for your audience, and not the other way around, so work for them, do it right, and they will help you succeed.

Remember, sharing is always better than selling… Or at least you should start by sharing.

Possibilities are endless, let the imagination works.

Thank you for reading.

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