Tips to build an email list

These days, it is difficult for someone to just give out their personal email, due to spammers and kids who don’t know what email marketing is, and just send emails. crazy emails.

Other than that, getting email credentials seems evil. I don’t know why, but that sounds bad just like all blogging / make money topics online. I think readers’ first impression is that you’re a selfish guy and you’re going to try and steal every penny from them, don’t you think?

Good. I wrote an article, which will be Part IV of Blogging to Make Money, on Email Marketing, but thought it would be better to give some tips for starting your own first. mailing list, although I don’t have the biggest mailing list in the world, but hey, I just started this blog from scratch. But since I have a Spanish blog with a mailing list, I can give you some advice.

First of all, you should know that this is a very long process and success depends on a number of factors, such as how you promote yourself, what you offer, the quality of your content. … But it’s worth it. With a small mailing list, I could earn 1 to 2,000 per month on average. Imagine those who have a huge mailing list. So

How to Start Building Your Own Mailing List and Really Start Making Money Blogging

What do you need?

Not too much. A blog / website, because unless you have created a landing page and offer a [downloadable] product that requires registration, you will need a blog or website to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your blog. Other than that, Feedburner will make it easy to offer email subscriptions to your blog.

Make Money Blogging1 300×180 Tips For Building A Mailing List

Other than that, you really need Aweber. Aweber creates email marketing software that makes email marketing a baby task. It gives you the option of delivering an email newsletter (that’s why you’ll need Feedburner) and customizing your own autoresponders. I will clarify about this tomorrow.

Once you’ve signed up for both Aweber and Feedburner, you’ll be wondering “Ok, what’s next?”

The hard part has come, because now you have to create your own mailing list.

Tips for building your own email marketing list.

What do you need to get email credentials and build your own mailing list?

1) Build Credibility: You are asking for “personal” information from readers, so you really need to build a reputation that sets you apart from the crowd. It will be difficult for new bloggers to achieve this goal, but as time goes by and your blog keeps growing, the task will get easier.

2) Be Informative: Make sure you let your readers know that you are not spamming or selling Email IDs. This is very important, as some readers will only give you their email address if you REALLY guarantee them that you are not selling anything. A privacy policy will do this.

3) To offer, to offer, to offer: you must give in order to receive. What can you offer readers?

3-1) Your own ebook: Instead of creating an ebook and selling it, just give it away to sign up for your newsletter. This can be easily done using Aweber services. Also, write an eBook related to the topic of your blog.

3-2) Password protection: Yes, you can protect a particular post with a password which, in order for readers to get it, would need to sign up for and confirm your newsletter. Subscribe and the password will be sent.

3-3) Give proof: When you have a fair amount of RSS readers, Twitter followers, etc., show them in your blog. The more social power you demonstrate, the more social power you will have. This is how it works.

3-4) Unique and good content: a must for everything. Always unique and good content please!

Building an email list is the best way to make money blogging, but also the hardest and longest way. But it’s worthy!

Do you have other ways to do it? Tell us, never forget that blogging is a two way communication.

Thanks for reading.

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