Name various components of xylem which of these cell types do not have a nucleus

Q- Name various components of xylem. Which of these cell types do not have a nucleus?

Answer- Xylem is a plant tissue that performs several important functions in the plant. It is a part of vascular bundle. The main function of xylem is to transport water and mineral to all other parts of the plant. Xylem tissue is consisted of many cells that is why it is called a complex tissue. Mainly the xylem tissue is composed of four main parts:

1. Tracheids

2. Vessels

3. Xylem parenchyma

4. Xylem fibres.

Among these four parts of xylem tissue the cell having no nucleus are tracheids, vessels and xylem fibre. These are dead cells.

Easy way to draw labelled diagram of Xylem tissue:

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