state one idea different from each other for liberals radicals and conservatives

Q- State one idea different from each other for liberals, radicals and conservatives.

Answer- Liberals:

Liberals argued for a representative, elected parliamentary government, subject to law interpreted by a well-trained judiciary that was independent of the rulers and officials. They also opposed the uncontrolled powers of the dynastic rulers. 

They wanted a nation which tolerated all religions. They wanted to safeguard the rights of individuals against government. They do not believed in Universal Adult Franchise. They want men who own property should only had right to vote. They also want that women should not have right to vote.


In contrast, they believed in the rule of the majority of the country’s population. They opposed the privileges of landlords and factory owners and supported women’s right to vote.


They opposed both Liberals and Radicals. Earlier they opposed any kind of change but by the 19th century, they accepted the change and believed that the past has to be respected and the change had to be brought through a slow process.

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