‘The treaty of Versailles was humiliating on the Germans.’ Give reasons to support your answer

Q- “The treaty of Versailles was humiliating on the Germans.” Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer- The peace Treaty of Versailles with the Allies was a harsh and humiliating one. Germany lost its overseas colonies, a tenth of its population, 13 percent of territories, 75 percent of iron, and 25 percent of coal to France, Poland, Denmark, and Lithuania.

The Allied power Demilitarised Germany to weaken its powers. The War Guilt Clause held Germany responsible for the damages Allied countries suffered. After it, Germany was forced to pay compensation amounting to about 6 billion pounds. The Allied army also occupied Germany’s Rich-resources mines or industrial areas. 

These all made Germany financially weakened and the compensation or burden given to the Weimar republic in Germany was the main reason behind the failure of the Weimar republic in Germany.

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