Top Advertising tips that make you an advertisement expert

It is often said that it takes money to make money.

While this is true for the vast majority of business models, it shouldn’t be rule # 1 for bloggers because to make money blogging you just need to have made money online. and to be unique and popular. Having said that, you might want to advertise someday. The usual advertising method (outside of CPM) is CPC (cost per click). I am both an advertiser and a publisher, and am amazed when I click on some Adsense ads. Why?

Because when I click on it, what I see doesn’t make me want to buy anything. I read it and I just say, “So?”

Therefore, and although I hate to do such a thing because, like I said, I am also an advertiser, I do the CvR (Click view run) move, and just one click which can be worth $ 1 or $ 2 depending on the keyword / niche.

So you will never have a good return on your investment or may even lose it. As I see tons of times, I come up with a few tips so that you can prevent this from happening and increase your ROI as much as possible.

Tips to Maximize Your Advertising Profits

-> Be clear with the title: it’s more targeted to attract attention. So a good headline will lead to more clicks, therefore, and as long as you follow a few rules and tips, you will lead to a huge increase in the sales rate. It’s like creating the title of a blog post. Put in a few keywords and get straight to the point. When it comes to colors, we know that blue colors attract attention better. State how much the product costs up front, so those who don’t want to spend too much money won’t even try to click on the ad if they don’t spend a dime.

-> Take your time: to analyze the needs of the market. Check where other products fail to provide buyers with what they want and focus on that aspect.

-> Target audience: part of the analysis phase. You won’t get the same amount of sales whether it’s advertising for the US or Canada because you’re not selling an ebook online to make money on a football niche. This is the most important step.

-> Be descriptive: briefly say what your product is about at the top of a page. Tell buyers ALL the product has to offer.

-> Test the product: you cannot advertise a product if you have never tested it. This is a very important point to take into account. If someone asks you how the product performed while you were using it but cannot respond, you will lose your credibility and your sales.

-> Be honest: also say where the product is missing. You will gain credibility and sales.

-> Giving evidence: Giving evidence is obtaining sales. If your product is designed to help you earn money, provide proof of the money you have made using it. If it is done for weight loss, post the typical before and after photos. Just one example.

-> Money Back Guarantee: It will encourage people to buy the product and test it. If you are honest about the product and say the positive / negative things about it, and you advertise the ad to a targeted audience, then don’t worry about refund claims.

They are all people. Do you have any other advice? Share your experiences!

Thanks for reading.

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