Is it right to offer email newsletter?

While surfing the net, I came across an article where the author was wondering whether or not it was a good idea to have a full feed on your blog. In fact, the article surprised me, so I decided to publish an article to give you my opinion on this topic. I’m sure you all know what a feed is, but I also know some newbies can read it. So I will briefly explain what a full flow is. A feed is a service that allows readers to subscribe to your blog, so they can stay up to date when a new article is published and follow your blog.

When you subscribe in the normal way, you just add the message in your browser and keep visiting the site every day, but what happens when a reader subscribes via email?

As you know, when you post a new post, those who bookmarked your site using Google, My Yahoo, FeedDemon, etc. will visit it, but those who entered the email address will receive the full message via email, so they won’t need to visit your site, hence you lose visitors.

This is where chaos erupts.

Since the vast majority of bloggers (even those who want to make money blogging) really care about this problem, they decide not to offer an email subscription, only the bookmark option. Well, this might be fine if you don’t want to monetize your blog, but when you want to make money blogging, you MUST offer an email subscription. Why?

Reasons for offering email subscriptions.

Yes, it is your obligation. You need to create a mailing list. The best way is to use a service like Aweber and create it using their great services.

For example, of my email subscribers only 30% reach my site when posting, but thanks to them I could earn 2-3K per month, growing as my email list grows .

Here are the reasons:

1) Email Marketing: is the best, fastest and most direct face-to-face online communication. If your mailing list has 1000 subscribers, when sending a message, it will instantly reach the inbox of a thousand readers. It really is an incredible power. I will show an example. You have 1000 e-mail identifiers. You know what they want and send them a targeted affiliate marketing product. Let’s say the product you’re promoting costs $ 70 and only half of your readers decide to buy it. That’s $ 35,000 from a single mail. Just a silly math, but clearly shows the potential.

2) Target audience: already explained on the example above. Targeted audience simply means sales.

3) Build communications: If you use a service like Aweber, you will be able to send scheduled messages through autoresponders, establishing a relationship with your readers, which will improve your confidence.

4) Because it’s cool! Yeah. Having a huge mailing list will be proof of your social power. This will lead to more email IDs which will earn you more income.

What do you think? Mailing list or visitors?

Thanks for reading.

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