Learn How to turn Fear into Fortune

Do you want to know how to turn Fear into Fortune? So, here is the best place where you will find the best ways to turn your fear into a fortune.

All the things we are going to tell you in order to turn your fear into fortune are based on our 7 years of research. So, we are sure that you will definitely find it interesting.

How to turn Fear into Fortune

Fear is possibly the biggest killer of a person’s dreams. Fear can cripple people and shatter your dreams in an instant if you let it. If fear was a real person, it would be hunted down, locked up and the key is thrown away.

Fear is invisible. But comes alive when you give it presence, then you make it real.

To live in fear is to live a second-class life. most of what we fear or worry about never actually happens, but giving fear a place to live in our hearts and minds only increases its overall strength and power over us. The more you think about something, the more power you give to it.

Fear of fear – Why some Fears are positive

On the other side of that coin, the less power you empower fear, the less likely it is that it will materialize and prevent you from doing the things you want to do.

Do we need fear? Occasionally, yes of course. If you see a lion running towards you and you kept walking towards it fearlessly, the odds are even with the best karma in the world, you will always end up being severely eaten.

However, apart from that and a marked shortage of stray lions in our country, by being fearless we no longer wear the appearance of a “victim”. Abusers often

look for people with a “victim” character, it’s a look of fear, an “easy to intimidate” look about them.

How to Keep Fear at Bay

Make a list of all the things you would do if you weren’t afraid. Don’t worry about how stupid it is, just think about all the things you really wanted to do but were too afraid to do.

Now just think about the most important thing on this list. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing this one thing. First, do you see doing that in your mind, what does it look like? now you feel like doing this thing, how do you feel?

Hold on to those feelings for several minutes, seeing yourself do the thing you feared first, and then feeling the pleasure of doing it. What we’re doing here is making it fun to see and feel you doing what you originally feared, a habit that will eventually replace the fear of doing it.

Do this several times a day for as many days as necessary to eliminate the fear.

Fear of Fear – Negative Tricks from the Imagination

Good thoughts and bad thoughts cannot live in the same place at the same time. With practice, you can replace these negative fears with the idea that you are taking action, doing what you fear, and feeling pleasure.

I want you to tie the fun of doing this thing to the silliness of being afraid to do it. Because most fears are just that, they are negative stuff of the imagination.

It will take time for something to become a habit. It probably took you a while to get scared. We replace these thoughts of fear with thoughts of pleasure.

By constantly doing this, you can eradicate most of these fears and continue to live without them.

We all have the ability to empower our thoughts, we can choose to make our life scary or abundant, the difference is often just a change in our thinking.

If your mind is dominated by the good things you will attract the good things, on the other hand, if your mind is dominated by fear you will live in fear and attract negativity because that is what fear feeds on.

The fear of fear is real to us. However, living in fear can physically exhaust you, make you sick and put your life on hold, change the way you view fear today, and start living positively.

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How do I turn my fear into advantage?

There are different useful ways to turn my fear into an advantage. So, the three main ways are given below:
1. Be ready and courageous to face your fears.
2. Don’t be so afraid of your fears.
3. Don’t Imagine your Fears to be so Huge.

How can I remove fear from my mind?

In order to remove fear from your mind, you need to transform your fears and problems into a challenge. You should always try to keep your mindset positive.

How can I turn my fear into courage?

To turn your fear into courage you need to stop Imagining your Fears to be so Huge and not think that you are weak.

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