State the meaning of Immunisation. Mention the principle on which it is based

Q- State the meaning of immunisation. Mention the principle on which it is based. List two diseases for which vaccines are provided under pubic health programme.

Answer- Immunisation is kind of process that helps a living organism to prevent his or her body from the attack of foreign or external antigens. The main or basic principle on which immunisation is based is to make the body of living organism enough strong as well as prevent chances of spreading diseases from one organism to another. In it a vaccine or entry of certain microbes inside the body of living organism is done. That antigen stimulates or releases an essential kind of fluid or matrix that is called as B-lymphocytes that helps in releasing an specific kind of defensive protein called as antibodies. 

There are several diseases whose vaccines are provided under pubic health programme but the two main two diseases whose vaccine is provided under pubic health programme are as follows:

1. Tetanus 

2. Measles

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