Under what conditions is a government run after the elections

Q- Under what conditions is a government run after the elections?

Answer- A democratic government after winning election had to respect or follow some basic rules. In particular that government who won the election had to provide some guarantees to all the minorities of that country. In democratic form of government each and every major decision had to go throw a series of consultations. Every office bearer has certain rights and responsibilities assigned by the constitution and the law. Each of these is accountable not only to the people but also to mother independent officials. After getting elected by public the government had to make some rules that fulfills the need and necessities of common people. The ruler had to take care of all the fundamental rights of every citizen of that country and should also try to avoid violation of any once basic and fundamental rights.

If any government is following all these steps and also functioning with proper common people’s satisfactions o this increase chances of that government to be elected by people in next elections too.

Now, this answer is enough for the question asked so you can note this answer. In the above answer we described you under what conditions is a government run after the elections. If you do not know properly about this question so this answer might be very helpful for you and we hope that the above answer is enough to solve your query and if you want to ask any other or more question fro us so share it through comments. The comment section is in bottom of this article. And follow our blog ow to get notification (updates) of our latest posts to get up-to-date. If you want to gain some more knowledge about the fundamental rights that every democratic government had to provide to each and every citizen of that country. So read these right give below one by one very carefully.

In each and every democracy country there are some fundamental rights that are given to each and every citizen of that country to make them all equal before the law. As if any government is not providing these fundamental right to every citizen of that country so that country will not be included in list of democratic country. All the basic fundamental rights of citizens in a democratic country are given in list below:

  • Right to Freedom
  • Right to Equality
  • Right to freedom of religion
  • Cultural and Educational rights
  • Right against Exploitation
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies

The above rights are all the fundamental right that are provided to each and every citizen of India.These fundamental rights help in making a country democratic and also makes every citizen of the country equal before the law.

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