what are ‘rights’? how can we claim a right

Q- What are ‘rights’? How can we claim a right?

Answer- Rights are the claims of a person or citizen of a country over other fellow being over the society as well as over the government. There are several rights that are essential for a democratic country. These rights protect citizens from injustice and getting hurt by other. 

Some of the fundamental rights of citizens of a democratic country are a follows:

1. Freedom of speech and expression.

2. Freedom of assembly in a peaceful manner.

3. Freedom to form associations and unions

4. Freedom to move freely throughout the country. 

5. Freedom to reside in any part of the country.

6. Freedom to practice any profession, or to carry any occupation.

There is a very important or major way to claim a right it can be possible if it is equally possible for others. In other words we cannot have a right that harms or hurts other. 

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