What are the main causes of the pollution in the rivers of India. how can we prevent this kind of pollution

Q- What are the main causes of pollution in the rivers of India? How can we prevent this kind of pollution?

Answer- The main causes of pollution in the rivers of India are as follows:

1. The urbanization and industrialization cause river pollution as due to increase in demand of water for Industrial, Municipal, Agricultural, domestic as well as commercial purposes due to this increased demand the quantity of water in rivers decreased and the industries and factories split or release their residue in river and other water bodies this causes river pollution.

Causes of pollution in the rivers:

1. Throwing of waste such as plastic in water bodies.

2. Washing of clothes in water bodies.

3. Releasing of factories and industries waste in water bodies.

4. Bathing animals in water bodies.

5. Acid rain causes water pollution.

6. Releasing of garbage and waste material in water body makes it polluted.

Harmful Effects of pollution in the rivers:-

1. It results in loss of aquatic life because they die due to lack of oxygen in water.

2. Water becomes unfit for human consumption or becomes waste.

3. It causes several diseases such as diarrhea e.t.c. .

4. Polluted water bodies spread bad smell in surrounding and make it polluted.

5. It causes diseases to person who consumes it.

6. Pollution of water results in drought condition.

Measures that should be taken to reduce Water Pollution:-

1. We should not use artificial fertilizers.

2. Do not throw waste in water bodies.

3. Factories and Industries should not split out their residue or waste in water bodies.

4. We should not bath in water bodies and do not wash clothes in them.

5. We should use only natural fertilizers.

6. Government should put quarterly checkup of pH level of water bodies.

7. We should plant more and more trees.

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