what are the main features of ‘Right to Equality’

Q- What are the main features of ‘Right to equality’?

Answer- The ‘Right to equality’ proves that everyone is equal before the law. This right provides citizen freedom to live freely. There are various features of ‘Right to equality’. Some of the main features of ‘Right to equality’ are as follows:

1. Every citizen has equality of opportunity in matters related to employment or appointment to any job. No citizen shall be discriminated against or made ineligible for employment on any grounds.

2. Every citizen, from Prime Minister to common people in a country are equal and no one has extra rights or privileges. 

3. Under right to equality the government shall not discriminate against any citizen on the grounds of religion, ethnicity, sex or place of birth.

4. Every citizen shall have access to public places such as park, shops, restaurants, hotels e.t.c. . No one can restrict or step anyone from accessing these public places without any legal reason.

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