what is the significance of Himalayas to India

Q- What is the significances of Himalayas to India?

Answer- There are several significances of Himalayas to India as they are too beneficial for India. 

The major significances of Himalayas to India are as follows: 

1. Himalayas lies in the northern border of India which provide a natural barrier for India from the cold winds from Asian countries these Himalayas prevent the winds entering India and this is why the climate of India is different from all over Asia.

2. The Himalayas of India a have huge cover of snow and glaciers which give India a big source of water because all the major and minor rivers of India starts from Himalayas and are formed from melting glaciers. 

3. The Himalayas in Northern border of India prevent people of other country from entering India. They work as a natural shield or border. 

4. Forest in the foothills of Himalayas provide a best habitat for animals, plant e.t.c. .

5. In Himadri there are several hill stations that are also a popular tourist place. Some of the popular hill station are: Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Darjeeling.

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