What kind of soils are needed for Natural vegetation – Class 9

Q- What kind of soils are needed for natural vegetation?

Answer- There are various soils that are needed for natural vegetation in different areas. The sandy soil of the Thar Desert of Rajasthan is needed for Thorny bushes as well as cactus plants while wet, marshy deltaic regions support mangroves and deltaic vegetation, and slopes with soil depth soil have conical trees.

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In the above answer, we told you about the different kinds of soils that are necessary for the natural vegetation in different regions.

We also provide you with some examples of different soil that are suitable for natural vegetation in different geographical regions.

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Soil is a kind of biologically active, porous medium that has developed in the uppermost layer (Crust) of the planet Earth. Soil is one of the major and most crucial principal substrata of life on the planet Earth.

The soil plays several roles to make life possible on Earth such as serving as a reservoir of water and nutrients, working as a medium for the filtration and breakdown of injurious wastes, and also working as a participant in the cycling of carbon and other elements through the global ecosystem.

The soil is formed through a long process that involves the breaking down of rocks due to several natural activities such as weathering processes driven by biological, climatic, geologic, and topographic influences. Some of the other articles that you should also read are given below:

Natural Vegetation

The term ‘Natural Vegetation’ refers to the plant community that has grown naturally without any kind of humanitarian aid. They have been left undisturbed by humans for a long time period.

We call this vegetation ‘virgin vegetation’ Thus, cultivated crops and fruits, and orchards are a part of vegetation but not part of natural vegetation.

what kind of soils are needed for natural vegetation class 9
What kind of soils are needed for natural vegetation class 9

The main factor that affects natural vegetation is the Forests. As forests are large areas where the natural vegetation grows and survives naturally without any human interference.

So, forests are the largest source of natural vegetation.

What kind of soils are needed for Natural vegetation Class 9

This a most asked question of class 9th. So, the answer to the above question is asked by many students of class 9th. So, you should know that different regions of the Earth have different climatic conditions and different natural vegetation.


Forests are large areas where natural vegetation is surviving without any human influence. These are grown naturally, no human aid is involved in them.

The Forests can occur wherever the temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius (50 °F) in the warmest months and the annual precipitation is more than or equal to 200 mm.

There are different types of forests and all of them have different natural vegetation and wildlife.

The natural vegetation and wildlife of any forest depend on the climatic condition of that forest as some forests have heavy rainy climates and some have too hot climatic conditions throughout the year.

What kind of soils are needed for Natural vegetation

When we talk about the kind of soil that is needed for Natural Vegetation. So, the exact answer is that it depends on the geographical position and climatic condition of that area. As different regions have different climatic condition and different soils for growth.

what kind of land is suitable for natural vegetation

There are different soils that are suitable for the growth of natural vegetation in different parts of the Earth. You can understand it with an example that the natural vegetation of deserts needs sandy soil.

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