What will happen to our blog after we die?

What will happen to our blog after we die?

Have you thought about this question? What will happen to our blog after we die? Will it continue to grow or will it stop growing and slowly become obsolete? I come across this question when I suddenly think of “What if a blogger stops blogging and suddenly disappears from the blogging world?”, “He doesn’t respond to comments”, “He doesn’t respond to emails”, etc. vanish.

Well, life is so short and so fragile. What will happen to our blog if we die?

From my personal opinion, I think there are 3 possibilities that will happen to our blog.

1. Our blog dies after our expiration on Earth

So, it will be the most possible thing that will happen to our blog. Most bloggers are unprepared and most bloggers write time sensitive content.

Time sensitive content

Information or content that is only suitable for a short period of time. For example: news, stock picks, etc. are time-sensitive content that won’t last forever.

If your blog is full of time sensitive content, your blog has a good chance of disappearing easily. The best way to keep our blog alive is to write evergreen content, content that is suitable forever. For example: general information on stock trading (stock market indicators), advice, recipes, etc.

2. Your blog is online and the money keeps coming

If you are well prepared, your blog will be filled with evergreen content, your blog will continue to live and the best part about it is that it will continue to accumulate money. This is the best thing ever because you can pass your blog on to your kids and they are still making money from your blog. Learn more about Make Money Blogs.

3. Your blog is closed

If you’ve expired from Earth, your blog contains no permanent information, no visitors, and no new updates. This will come to a day when your blog might be shut down. If you host your blog on web hosting, your blog will not last even after 1 year because if you do not pay the web hosting fee, your blog will be closed.

So, are you ready to make sure your blog lasts forever? Start making edits to your blog posts today.

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