which events led to october revolution of 1917 in russia

Q- Which events led to October Revolution of 1917 in Russia?

Answer- The main events that led to October Revolution of 1917 in Russia are as follows:

1. A conflict grew between the between the Provisional government and Bolsheviks as Lenin eared that the Provisional government may set up a Dictatorship.

2. In a swift response, The Military Revolutionary Committee ordered its supporters to seize government offices and arrest ministers.

3. On October 1917, Lenin persuaded them to accept socialists’ power and appointed a Military Revolution Committee under Leon Trotskii to organize the seizure.

4. The uprising began on 24 October and Kerensky, the Prime minister left the city to call troops.

5. By nightfall, the city was under the Committee’s control and the ministers had surrendered.

6. Uprising took place in other cities there was heavy fighting but by December, the Bolsheviks controlled the Moscow-Petrograd area.

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