how was the february revolution able to bring down the monarchy in russia

Q- How was the February revolution able to bring down the monarchy in Russia?

Answer- On Sunday the 25 February, the government suspended the Duma. Demonstrations returned back on the street of the left bank. People raised slogans about bread, wages, better working condition and democracy. 

The Russian Government tried a lot to control this situation by calling the army but the cavalry refused to fire at the demonstrators. Now soldiers also joined workers and had all gathered to form a council called “Soviet”. This was a Petrograd Soviet.

The next day brings next problem for Russian government because a delegation went to see Tsar and advised him to accept defeat. He decided to abdicate on 2 March and the Soviet leader and Duma leaders formed a Provisional government. New Russian future would be decided by the constituent Assembly that was elected on the basis of Universal Adult Franchise. Petrograd had led the February revolution that brought down the monarchy in February 1917.

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