Who is called Father of Immunology

Q- Who is called Father of Immunology?

Answer- Louis Pasteur is also known as the father of immunology. This is because he is the one who worked a lot in the field of immunology. Many people think that the father of Immunology is Edward Jenner but it is not true because the actual person who is called the father of immunology is Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner is called the Father of Vaccination.

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  1. Name some diseases for which vaccines are available.
  2. What is the basic key to the prevention of infectious diseases?
  3. Define Passive immunity. Give its significance.

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Louis Pasteur is a person who is traditionally considered a progenitor of immunology and today he is also called the father of immunology or modern immunology. He is called this because of his long research in the late nineteenth century that gave birth to the germ theory of disease.

Louis Pasteur’s research and deep studies showed that there are several infectious diseases that are enough dangerous they cannot be cured by medicines. That is why he introduced the term or process of vaccination. He described immunology as the process to vaccinate any organism to protect his/her body from foreign microbes of a specific disease.

When Louis Pasteur’s presentations were carefully studied in the Academy of Sciences so they revealed the core of the immune system that how the immune system works to protect our body from disease and how our immune system becomes stronger. He also did experiments on how vaccines increase our immunity to prevent diseases.

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