Define Immunization – Class 9

Q- Define Immunization.

Answer- Immunization is the term that is used to define the procedure to provide or inject a vaccine inside an organism’s body to generate immunity to fight against the microbe of a particular disease.

The process of immunization helps in generating antibodies inside the body of an organism to defend against microbes of a specific disease. The organism’s body is used to gain immunity against the microbes of a specific disease through the process of immunization.

In other words, Immunization is also defined as the procedure of vaccination that can easily be used with interchangeability with inoculation or vaccination.

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Immunization refers to the process of vaccinating an organism to resist a specific disease. Through the process of immunization, antibodies are generated inside the body of the organism that helps in defending against microbes or disease. Vaccines are made for some specific diseases that are enough serious that they cannot be cured or resisted by medicines.

There are several ways to vaccinate an organism. It depends on what type of vaccine it is. Some vaccines are injected inside the body through a needle and some can be given through the mouth (orally). Some of the diseases that are treated by vaccination are given below:

  • Polio
  • Ear infection
  • tetanus
  • influenza
  • diphtheria
  • rubella
  • rotavirus
  • varicella
  • measles
  • Blood infection
  • mumps
  • pneumonia

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