who resolved the dispute of The Mandal Commission how did it materialise later on

Q- Who resolved the dispute of the Mandal Commission? How did it materialise later on?

Answer- The Mandal Commission was appointed by the Indian government in 1979. This commission was headed by the B.P Mandal. This commission is also known as Second Backward classes Commission. 

Mandal Commission has a big dispute as some people thinks that the Mandal Commission would leads to the situation in which the deserving one or qualified one did not get job and other would get job due to reservation. On the other had some people thought that the Mandal Commission would help the weaker section of society to engage in the government jobs and political field.

This created a very big dispute and after a long procedure the Mandal Commission came into force or was implemented.

The Mandal Commission was launched through a big procedure this is as follows:

1. The President of India announced the implementation of Mandal Commission in India.

2. On 6 August 1990, the Union Cabinet took a formal decision after a big discussion of implementation of Mandal Commission.

3. The Next Day, the Prime Minister V.P Singh informed both the houses of the parliament about the decision of implementation of Mandal Commission.

4. After this all the decision was sent to the department of personnel and training. The senior officers of the department drafted as order in line with the Cabinet decision and took the minister’s approval. An officer signed the order in behalf of the Union government which is generally called as “Office Memorandum”.

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