Describe the functions and powers of the Parliament

Q- Describe the functions and powers of the Parliament?

Answer- In a democratic country Parliament plays a very important role in functioning of country. Some of the functions and powers of the Parliament are as follows:

1. Parliament is the final authority to take the decision in any topic or matter.

2. Parliament has the power to amend the constitution after consultancy.

3. Parliament has power and control over the council of ministers and parliament has right to order them.

4. Parliament can remove the President or Judge of any court through Impeachment motion.

Impeachment Motion is procedure which is done to remove or dismiss any person from big or supreme seats from his seat. For Impeachment Motion there should be passed through satisfaction of one-third members of the parliament. Through this Impeachment Motion the judges of different courts as well as president can be removed from their seat.

5. Parliament had full control over the money and budget of government. 

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