Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? why was he called liberator

 Q- who was Napoleon Bonaparte? why was he called liberator?

Answer- Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military dictator and also a political leader. In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage of political instability in France and crowned himself as the Emperor of France. After Crowning him as king of France he reintroduced monarchy in France. He conquered his neighboring countries and created a very big kingdom. The neghbouring regions that he started conquering were given to Napoleon’s family members. 

Napoleon Bonaparte introduced many laws such as the protection of private property, an uniform system of weights and majors provided by the decimal system. Initially, many peoples believed that napoleon was a liberator who would bring freedom for the people. That is why Napoleon Bonaparte was also called a liberator as he did several changes that are advantageous for people. He was also called a modernizer of Europe.

But soon his army was viewed as an invading force. So, he was finally defeated in 1815, in the famous “Battle of Waterloo”. After getting defeated he was executed at the place de la concorde may of his majors that carries the revolutionary ideas of liberty and modern laws to other part of Europe had an impact on people long after napoleon had left.

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