why did pastoral nomads of jammu kashmir migrate

Q- Why did pastoral nomads of Jammu Kashmir migrate?

Answer- The pastoral nomads of Jammu Kashmir main work was to migrate from one place to another in search of good pastureland for their cattle to graze them.

These pastoral nomads of Jammu Kashmir migrate according to the following ways:

·They had to go for look of work in towns.

·In winter, when the high mountains were covered with snow, they lived with their herds in the low hills of the Shiwalik range.

·By the end of April, they move upward for their summer pastures. In summer, these mountains were lush green with grass or pasture that provides nutrition to their cattle.

·They are great herders of goat and sheep. Many of them have migrated to this region while searching for greener pasturelands. As they were very rare at that time.

·Some managed a living by working as charcoal burners or by doing other odd jobs. Some lucky people of that community got regular job in railways and road construction.

·Gradually, they have established themselves in the areas and moved annually between these summer and winters grazing grounds.

·Several households came together for this journey, forming what is known as Kafila. They crossed the Pir Panjal passes and entered the valley of Kashmir.

·By the end of April, they began their northern march for their summer grazing grounds. Poor pastoralists who depend only on livestock did not have resources to tide over bad times. In times of war and famine, they lost nearly everything.

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