Write an essay on ‘Democracy and Poverty’ using the information given in this report but using examples from India

Q- Write an essay on ‘Democray and Poverty’ using the information given in this report but using examples from India.

Answer- ‘Democracy and poverty’ highlight an important as well as the complicated relationship between the two. It points out in what way the fundamental rights of democracy are given to the elite section but the poor are still being deprived of them.

The pitfalls like chronic capitalism and unequal opportunities have widened the gap between the rich class and the poor class. Rich people are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The rich people are influencing the government’s policies. The social power among the citizens is unbalanced which violates the fundamental principles of democracy.

Democracy is based on the principle of political equality recognizing that the poorest and the least educated have the same status as the rich and the educated. Under such based and pro-rich conditions, a nation can’t be democratic for a long time. Sooner or later it will lead to conflicts for the betterment of democracy.

Poverty has become a powerful threat. Political parties are run by the money of the riches. That is why these parties show apathy toward the needs of the poor. Artificially glitters of modern industry, skyscrapers cannot hide the prevailing unhygienic dwellings of the poor.

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Write essay on democracy and poverty

Democracy refers to a system of ruling in which the ruler is elected by the process of elections and these elections are held in a free and fair manner. Whereas poverty refers to a condition in which a person does not have enough money to fulfill his/her basic need. The complete essay is given in our post.

Short essay on democracy and poverty using examples from India

Democracy is a form of government that is elected by the common people and its process is called elections. These elections were held in a fair manner and an EC authority keep watch on the process of elections. On the other hand, poverty is a situation in which the person is unable to fulfill his basic necessities.
The short essay is provided in the following post.

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