3 simple steps that increased my sales. 100% working trick

One of the main benefits of starting a blog is to gain visibility.

A blog not only gives your business a personal touch and frequently updated content, but it also allows you to promote a particular product like you couldn’t before.

Other than that, you can make money blogging by promoting affiliate products in your blog. So today I came up with three very simple steps that doubled my sales.

If it is difficult to sell something physically, multiply it by 5 and you will understand how difficult it is to sell online. But there are a few simple tips you can use that will increase your sales, guaranteed. These tips are so simple and obvious that people just don’t think about it and fail to apply. The image below shows a screenshot of my paypal account getting money from advertising products both here on my blog and advertising a single product elsewhere (using cpc sites and even ptc might be a good idea), so more advertising might bring you even more possibilities

make money blogging 300×148 3 simple steps that increased my sales

So the first thing you need to know is that people don’t like spending money (that’s obvious) so you need to come up with something more than just a product. And that’s the first tip.

Tips to increase your sales

1) Offer: Offering something outside of the product is a great way to increase your sales. You can offer a discount (20% off if you buy it), you can also give a free pdf report on something related to this product.

You can also offer another product, a 2 × 1. You just have to do the math to never lose money.

Some people find it difficult to offer a discount because they don’t see any options on their sales page. It’s very simple. You just need to verify / request the email address used to process the payment and resend the processed amount.

2) Targeted Ads: Don’t just buy a product and buy ads to promote it. Research first, then action.

You need to take into account all factors, such as age (VERY important, as men under 18 will not have a credit card, so the possibility of getting a sale decreases), gender, location…

All you need to do is configure a filter and you are good to go.

3) Cheap Products: Like I said before, people don’t like spending money, and if they have to, they’ll go for the cheaper product.

If the price of product A goes down and the price of product B stays the same, the demand for product A will increase relative to the demand for product B, which will eventually go down. Economy 101.

If you have a product that is inevitably expensive due to its quality, just go to the first point in this article and offer a discount.

4) Bonus – Giving proof or even a review will have a big impact on your sales rate. When a customer does not buy a product, it is either because he does not have the money to buy it or because of a lack of confidence.

Showing some evidence of the benefits of using / purchasing the product will increase your sales rate.

The hardest part of selling a product and being successful is the research. It’s a long process that will take you a long time, but here time is money.

Avoiding risk by setting targeted ads is like avoiding wasting money.

Thanks for reading.

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