4 Best Brainstorming methods

I would say one of the main issues when it comes to pure blogging / writing is finding topics to blog about. Especially when you’ve been blogging for a few years, because that’s when researching a topic can really be a problem and make it even more difficult. This is when brainstorming comes in, but what’s the best way to do it?

Now you must be thinking that brainstorming can’t really have secrets.

While this is true, there are some techniques that might maximize its effectiveness, as these techniques will lead to more precise brainstorming, therefore, you will find more topics to blog about.

For new bloggers, brainstorming is just a practice where you have to shout out all the ideas you have, no matter how silly it sounds, then get rid of the worst ideas and save the good ones.

What I like to do is triple brainstorm.

The four-part brainstorm

Quickly said, the four-part brainstorming that I do two to three times a week consists of a first brainstorming, a second brainstorming, a thirst brainstorming and then an image brainstorming. Let me explain how I do it step by step:

First brainstorming

1) The first thing I do is grab a pen and a piece of paper, or use the draft feature on wordpress, and start dropping some nonsense and useful ideas (at this point I don’t know again which are unnecessary or useful).

2) Instantly I start to realize that some ideas are just too crazy; others still need more research to publish a decent article …

So I get rid of it. Glad I had a ton of great ideas to start blogging about.

Important phase

3) The third step is certainly the most important in this process. We humans tend to be influenced by the feelings we have at a particular time, so a particular thought we are having right now can take a 180 degree turn and change completely a few hours later.

That’s why, after doing the first brainstorming, it’s very important to rest and come back a few hours later to check if those great ideas we had before are still great ideas to blog about.

I guarantee you some of them won’t look as good as they once did.

Second brainstorming

4) After coming back from a break, I look at the list and, again, get rid of the worst ideas.

Even though this is mainly done to run our list, I came across more ideas while looking at this list. If that happens, I write them down on a new sheet of paper and double check them later or even tomorrow.

Third brainstorming

5) The third brainstorm is the post itself. Once I have my list of ideas to blog about, pick the topic I want to write about today and start brainstorming again.

This one is useful for writing the post, as you will find ideas in the main idea, so the only thing you will need to do is tie those ideas together and make some sense. Apart from that, it will give you, once again, new ideas. Let me show you an example with a picture:

299×300 Brainstorming Blogging Tips The Best Way To Brainstorm

Do you have the idea? This technique can quickly get you a ton of great messages. Plus, it’s a fun way to do it, because sometimes you’ll laugh at yourself looking at some of the ideas you had.

Fourth brainstorming

6) The fourth brainstorm is much easier, because it is an image brainstorm. It’s always good to add pictures to your posts. Take a look at the topic and start to think of some pictures that might work and start looking on the web or designing them yourself.

This is one of the ways I use to get ideas on my blog. Of course, the idea of ​​posting on how to get ideas came from one of my famous brainstorms.

Either way, overdoing brainstorming can drive you crazy. You must beware.

Thanks for reading.

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