5 ways to drive traffic to your blog.

5 ways to drive traffic to your blog:

Blogs are nothing if no one visits them. A blog is two-way communication, so if you’re blogging but no one is reading you, you’re not blogging, you’re just writing.

So I’m going to show you 5 best ways to get hits, so you can really blog.

Be active on the forums:

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This one is also good for promoting you. Find forums in your niche and visit / post frequently. Once you sign up, make sure you can put your site as a signature. This will have a double effect. On the one hand, you will be able to promote your site on another site related to your niche, which will give you targeted traffic. On the other hand, you will definitely learn A LOT from it. Blogging is a job that never stops; you always have something new to learn.

Way to do it wrong: post nonsense on the forums. Not only will you get banned, but you will also get a bad reputation for yourself and your site.

Use your email wisely:

Email is known, among other things, because you can make money online using email marketing, but you can also use it to promote your site. Put your site as a signature, so that every mail you send will have your site’s urn written on it. Who knows? You can find a loyal reader this way.

Comment on other big blogs:

This one is similar to the first. Find a blog with a topic similar to yours and comment. If done right, it can give you the targeted traffic if desired.

Way to do it wrong: post nonsense / post quickly to get your comment to appear first. This is a very dumb thing to do, because your comment is unlikely to show up (considered spam) and you will lose your reputation, so if you need help from the blog owner, he / she will probably not help in the future.

Make sure to submit to search engines:

That is true. Most of the traffic comes from search engines, so be sure to submit to search engines. The more, the better. This one seems obvious, but you might have forgotten it.

Quality content:

This one is obvious. Bad content will never give readers what they want, so they’ll never come back. Be useful and original.

There are tons of ways to promote both you and your site, but these are just a few of them. I will come back later with more ways to attract visitors and retain them.

Thanks for the reading!

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