How to increase your marketing ROI

How to increase your marketing ROI:

The term ROI isn’t too popular for making money blogging, but that’s because most bloggers primarily focus on Adsense.

The point is, you can make money blogging by creating landing pages in your own blog and advertising that particular blog’s page.

So, as advertising takes money, I have come up today with some simple tips to increase your ROI.

But before I start giving tips for increasing ROI, let me start by defining what the term ROI means.

What does ROI mean when it comes to making money blogging?
This term is used as a marketing term. This means return on investment and it is used when an investment is made on a particular trade, so we use it to define the benefits after the investment is made. Let me show you an example.

Amount spent on advertising = $ 20

Amount earned from the advertised product = $ 40

ROI = – $ 20 + $ 40 = + $ 20

So, as you can see, the higher the return on investment, the greater the benefits.

What do you need to increase your return on investment?
In my opinion and experience, you need five main factors to increase your ROI and maximize your profits. Every factor can be achieved, so there are no excuses, because when advertising and selling there is not too much room for luck.

So let’s see what tips we’re talking about.

– Analyze the market: If you want to make money blogging, better said, if you want to make money, you will have to make a plan and analyze the market that you claim to be exploiting. When it comes to selling a particular product through advertising, it is ESSENTIAL to look at the needs of the market. Ask yourself what you would need if you were interested in this particular market. Does anyone else have the right product for you? Then ask yourself the same question again, until you find a need that doesn’t match and develop the idea. This is very important, because selling a product that most people already own will cost you money.

– Targeted traffic: everything is easier if you speak to a targeted audience. How to advertise to a targeted audience? Simply by analyzing the market and choosing the right place to advertise. I like to use the “filtering” method. Let me explain to you. The first filter should be the language. You won’t get too many sales if you advertise, for example, an English product, if you advertise it to a French audience. While some do speak and understand English, the majority probably won’t, so it’s best not to risk it. A second filter could be the niche used for the advertisement. You won’t be able to get good commercial publicity with a sports niche coaching blogging program. You can use some filters, but like I said, these filters will depend exclusively on the results obtained during the market analysis.

– Targeted ads: similar to the points mentioned above. When you’ve done the market research and got the targeted traffic, now you need targeted ads. If you understood the points mentioned earlier, now you will know how to serve targeted ads.

– Imagination: impossible to sell without having a little imagination. Why? Because you need something that sets you apart from the crowd on this business. On blogging this can be achieved by providing quality and useful content, on advertising by offering something in return. Yes, you can give something back when advertising a product, like a freebie or a discount for another product… Use your imagination; just make sure that the price paid by the buyer clearly exceeds the price offered.

– Talent: I think that’s the best way to call him. You need talent (besides trying and researching) to advertise with the lowest possible PPC rate. It’s not too difficult to do, you just need to do some keyword research.

I don’t see luck as a key factor in getting sales and increasing your ROI because if you do it right you will be successful, but yes you will need a little luck.

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Thanks for reading.

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