Ways to get traffic when starting Blogging

Ways to get traffic when starting Blogging:

When you are just starting out, it is very, very difficult to promote your blog and get traffic. This can lead bloggers to stop blogging because they think they will never come out of the dark.

Traffic does not grow on the trees and it may take some time to see any results. Obviously you have to promote your site to generate traffic, but how can you promote your site and generate traffic when you are starting from scratch?

1) Use of forums.

This one never fails. You can bring a good amount of traffic to your blog if you post regularly on forums. Build your profile and participate in forum discussions. Post and share content you find useful and give your point of view. This will help you make your place among the respected members of the group. And if you have a reputation, your blog (or whatever else you do) will have the same reputation.

Use forum signatures. I recommend putting some suspense on this. By using signatures like “Click if you want to know what this is” or including reverse psychology, something like “Don’t click here!” will increase the click-through rate.

Don’t spam and use forums in your niche. If you have a topic online to make money, don’t post on photography forums because you won’t get any results. (Ways to Find Forums in Your Niche)

2) Blog directories.

Blog directories can help you get traffic. The good thing is that you will get targeted visitors because when you submit your blog you are submitting it to a specific category which allows members to search for a blog and sort them by topics.

While giving you traffic, they will also help you increase your PageRank as they will link directly to your blog.

Other than that, it will help Google index and find you faster. The Google spider will be crawling all over the net and having directories linked to our blog will show our dear spider the way to our blog.

3) Use of social networks.

If you have no idea how powerful social networking is, you are probably living under a rock. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., are used by millions of people around the world, so they have huge potential waiting to be used.

Use it as a way to drive traffic to your site, either advertise on them, or create your own profile, and redirect links to your blog. Remember, as long as you don’t spam, anything is ok.

Social networks can be used to promote your site for free to your friends. It is one of the best dissemination tools in the world.

4) Use of ping services.

Ping services will automatically notify that your blog has been updated. Only use it when you have added a new message, otherwise it will simply be unnecessary to use a ping service.

Most ping services will give you the option to ping and notify that your blog has been updated for search engines, blog directories, sites like Technorati, etc. As a result, you will get traffic.

There are many ways to promote your site when you are just starting out. These are free. Being original and constructive will also help.

Thanks for reading.

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