Affiliate Marketing – How To Cover It All In Just 3 Easy Lessons

Affiliate Marketing – How To Fuck It All In Just 3 Easy Lessons

Are you making sales in affiliate marketing or are you just banging your head against a brick wall?….

you might leave a STACK OF MONEY behind, just because you MESSAGE everything in these 3 specific areas …

Screw Up 1. You have countless affiliate offers going on, probably too many to vet properly. You focus (or not) on multiple niches – you lose your affiliate links because they are everywhere and so do you when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Damn 2. You send your list of offers that are unrelated to what your current list email is about. You have several different prices for the products you feature on your list, but you feature them in no specific order, so you could promote a $ 97 product in week one and a $ 17 product in week 20.

Screw Up 3 – You blast affiliate links to everyone who will listen to them. Your Facebook friends are given a face full of spam every day, and your Twitter friends are no exception to this roadblock either. Anti-spam rules and the more you get your links under people’s noses .. the better!

Affiliate Marketing for some is a license against SPAM… people believe the more you can throw that link, the more people will click – It’s just a NUMBERS game, right? …… FALSE.

Let’s take a look at Screw Up 1 … Too many offers …

Symptoms – Complete lack of direction, too much – spread many different links, some shortcuts, some not – everywhere like a WILD person.

Cure – Stick to a niche to start, become an expert in that niche. Create a file on your desktop, add a text file with a list of all your links, short links (’s, etc.), the Clickbank provider code – so you can keep track of clicks and sales from the product in Clickbank, for example.

Screw Up 2 – Don’t know what to do, once people start joining my list

Symptoms – No clear path as to how often you should send your list or with what, or how much …

Cure – You should be looking to build a long term relationship with your list, so that’s not all here and now. Your first email should be a “Welcome to the List” type email with a repeat of the free giveaway download link, in case they originally missed it.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

You should then talk to them about the benefit of helping them over the next few weeks by being on your list, and telling them to research your email and the great content you are going to send them. Make each email a “useful tip” or something interesting about your life, don’t extend it too long – 500 words is more than enough.

Space the text on the page to make it easy to read (70 to 75 characters per line or less is a lot).

Send your first 3 or 4 emails without any sales link. Just useful content – build a good rapport with them. Your first 3 or 4 emails should be spaced approximately 3/4 days apart.

This gives your new list member 2 weeks to get to know you and how good your content actually is. You haven’t tried to sell them anything in that two week period, which sets you apart from 75/80% of marketers.

My email pricing plan – that’s what works for me.

Now after 2 weeks send them a nice informative email with a few “Click here” links throughout the copy to a low price RELATIVE product – $ 17 – $ 27 -> Next email in 3 / 4 days, same product $ 17- $ 27. Then send a few unrelated emails except your site over the next week.

Then send them an informative email with a link to a product from $ 37 to $ 47, 3/4 days later – different email, same product -> Next email in 3/4 days, same product $ 37- $ 47, then send a few emails without any link except your site.

Then send them an informative email with a link to a product from $ 67 to $ 97, 3/4 days later – different email, same product -> Next email in 3/4 days, same product $ 67- $ 97, then send a few emails without any link except your site.

Then send them an informative email with a link to a RECURRING membership product. You are now looking to create RESIDUAL income… The beauty of this is that if you send the client to a USEFUL and high value membership site – people will come back for more and keep paying for the monthly subscriptions. Hence, you will build a great repeat income every month and your customer will learn something NEW every month from the product.

3/4 days later – different email, same product -> Next email in 3/4 days, same membership product, then send a few emails without any links except your site.

RINSE AND REPEAT…. you have PEAKED… now repeat the process…. $ 17 – $ 27… .. $ 37 – $ 47… .. $ 67 – $ 97… Recurring membership… ..

Like I said, this is what works for me – you modify it to suit your process….

Question – How do I find recurring products on Clickbank to promote? – first, log into Clickbank The easiest way to find recurring billing products to promote is to filter your Marketplace search to include only those products. You can do this by selecting the desired product category / subcategory and / or entering search keywords, then selecting “Recurring Billing” from the Product Type drop-down menu and clicking OK. This will limit your search to those products and ensure that any product you choose to promote will provide those recurring commissions.

Screw 3

Symptoms – You are blowing affiliate links to everyone. No one is safe from you SPAM… You think you’re like Elliott Ness in The Untouchables, a good guy at heart but you have a loaded machine gun full of ugly SPAM…. just waiting for an unsuspecting person to “LET EM HAVE IT ..

Cure – I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely sick of spam .. I get it on my blog, my Facebook wall and in my inbox, every day, almost 24 hours a day. I would never click on it, you don’t know if it has viruses or porn or what.

Who is really buying this? OK, you might get lucky once or twice and someone who is really bored just clicked on your link. But you are doing more harm than good. People do NOT want to do business with SPAMMERS…

Give people great content and they’ll listen to you when it comes to recommending a GOOD product. Build relationships FIRST, rather than delivering with the content, people will love you for it and when people like you trust you – and with that trust, they’ll be happy to take a look at your products.

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