How I Finally Made Money Online – My Back To Basics Affiliate Marketing Plan

How I Finally Made Money Online – My Back To Basics Affiliate Marketing Plan

I feel like most people keep learning new techniques, new strategies, and new systems, and never end up making money because they never stick to just one. system. It is not difficult to make money online, as long as you work every day for 2 months or more. Here is a plan for you guys to follow …

Starting over can be great! Stay focused and decide to get the job done and you will be successful.

Here is a plan you can apply for your affiliate marketing.

1. Choose a product to promote. Let’s say Clickbank. I have used Clickbank for many promotions and I love the variety of products that are offered there. Choose a product that meets a NEED. Something that solves a deep and pressing problem. Personally I think you will get better conversion if the topic / issue is painful. (As opposed to a simple hobby or something with weaker emotional triggers.) Think about illnesses, emotional pain, maybe something you or your family / friends have been through …

Make sure the product looks professional and the sales copy / page is good enough that you buy it. Make sure you FEEL that this product would actually solve the problem it sets out to solve (don’t promote shitty products, they won’t sell…)

2. Keyword research. Use the Google Keyword Tool if you don’t have a paid tool. Think about different variations of keywords that people might type into the search engine. Try to go for BUY keywords, not SEARCH keywords.

THAT IS TO SAY. Cure Migraine Naturally (Purchase) VS. Symptoms of migraine (research)….

Dig deep, go for longer keywords / phrases. Search for a keyword that is searched over 100 times per day with an EXACT match.

Check how many sites are competing for that keyword by typing in google:

inurl: “keyword”

intitle: “keyword”

Also search for your keyword without quotes and look at the first and second page results. Notice if there are any exact match domains.

Take a look at the number of backlinks to each site (links to the page, not to the domain) and the PR of the sites. Use SEOQuake for that… (Firefox plugin)

4. Once set on the main keyword, buy an exact match domain. Buy .com .net or .org

If it’s not available, buy a domain with the suffix. THAT IS TO SAY.

Get hosting from hostgator. (Not the lowest plane, but the middle one)

5. Next, install wordpress. Keep the default 2010 theme. Download xheader for free. Create a header and upload it to the theme. Install the all-in-one-seo plugin on wordpress and fill it with your KWs.

6. Make the first blog post targeting your main keyword. This article should almost be a sales / recommendation article for your affiliate product. Make the post useful, share a story, but also be sure to promote and highly recommend the affiliate program that will solve their problem.

make Money Online
make money online

Make sure to add the links for the affiliate program in a visible location. Add 2-3 instances and make sure at least one is right at the top of the article. Make sure to include your keyword in the article title. Also include the keyword in the opening paragraph, the last paragraph and split them between the two. Also in bold an instance of KW, underline another instance and italicize another instance.

Add an image at the top or in the middle of the post and add an “alt” tag with your keyword in it. (google if you don’t know how…) Post the post and make it sticky.

7. Then come back to the Google Keyword Tool. Use the tool to collect as many keywords as possible that relate to your main product / keyword. Write them down in notepad and save it. These will be the keywords for your articles / posts.

You don’t need to research the competition for these… Try to get around 100 keywords.

8. Subscribe to Ezinearticles, GoArticles, Article Dashboard,, Blogspot, Hubpages, Squidoo.

9. Write an article of about 500 words on your main keyword. Make sure you put helpful tips and don’t be commercial in the article. Publish this article on Ezinearticles. In the resource box, link to your site and use the main keyword.

10. Write another article, even KW. Submit it to Go Articles.

11-15. write 4 additional articles focused on your main keyword. Post them on the remaining sites, one each…. 

16. Record URL of each website / article for further favorites / links….

17. Use a social tag to add bookmarks using only the best sites, tag your blog and all of your properties. (Add each one to your favorites after creating it, don’t add them all at the same time / same day …)

18. Get backlinks from Angela + Paul. These are profile backlinks, use them to backlink each of your new properties.

19. Now that you’ve done all of this for your main keyword, repeat the process for the next keyword on your list.

(Write 1 article – post on your blog – social bookmark – use the backlink package on the post url and not on the main domain)

The process is to write an article, post to the property and link to your site, social bookmark it, return package link to it. Repeat for all the different properties. Then go ahead and repeat with a new keyword.

Don’t think too much, the articles will bring you traffic, so use them!

Spend all of your time creating content for every keyword in your niche, and you will end up dominating your niche and making a lot of money!

Sorry if some parts are unclear i was starting to get tired of writing this all in one go … i know i skipped a lot of the details but with that and google search you could pretty much everything understand for yourself …

Hope you will benefit from it, don’t overthink it, take action and get the job done. The point is, there are MANY ways to make money online, but you will NOT make any money unless you commit to taking a method and saying to yourself, “I’m going to do this every day.” days until I earn money with it. I will not deviate from it, I will not stop until I make some money with this method! “..

In fact, if all you did was write 10 articles a day focusing on different keywords in your niche, submitting them all to ezine articles, and directing the resource box to your site, you would be able to generate a lot of traffic and a lot of sales!


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