How I Found the Key to a $100 Per Day Sale- Funnel making

How I Found the Key to a $ 100 Per Day Sale Funnel making

It really isn’t a very detailed guide, but covers the basic steps of a profitable sales funnel method. Once sharpened, you can simply wash and repeat.

Find a niche product / market

Go to Clickbank and look at the different categories. You can make money with internet marketing products, but I personally think for a new person it is more difficult. There are a lot of other niches that are very interesting like health, fitness, relationships etc. Pick a product that doesn’t have too high a gravity as it suggests too much competition.

It must offer at least 50% commission. Make sure the site looks professional. For me personally, it’s important that he has quality affiliate tools like a series of auto responders and giveaway reports (I use these to quickly create an offer… keep reading).


Keyword research

Do some keyword research around the product. A quick way these days is to put the domain of the site you are trying to promote in the Google Keyword Tool. Sort by global monthly visitors from top to bottom. Take the top performing keywords and put them in a Google search. Select “More Search Tools” in the column on the left side of Google, then select “Wonder Wheel.” You will get a number of great results here, select a few and then check and refine using the Google Keyword Tool… you are looking for low competition, high search volumes.

Funnel making tips
Funnel making tips


Create a landing page

Buy a domain name using your best keyword. If you can get an exact match ie then do so otherwise add a relevant word at the end like “review”, “guide” etc. Next, create a simple landing page site. I use XsitePro but know a lot more people are using WordPress. You will also need to get an auto responder account. What you are going to do is create an offer such as a free report or video in exchange for the emails and names of the visitors i.e. you are going to build a list.


Configure your offer

If the product you choose to promote has a reputable eBook, you’ve got a ready-made deal. Otherwise, create a short report that features the product you’re promoting. If you cannot do this outsource either to, the Warrior forum or by using a site such as Elance.


Create your series of autoresponders

Again, many of the best products are offering these days. You can even ask the product owner for a series of emails, otherwise write your own or outsource it.


Generate traffic

To be honest, this is where a lot of people fall and give up


No traffic = no sales… however… Know the traffic = sales


Anyone who knows me will know that I am really into article marketing and see it as a really smart way to get traffic that is free and long term. Seriously, if you learn how to do it, you can get a long term steady stream of free targeted traffic. Create short, impactful articles around your keywords.


You can also create Hubpages, Goals, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Forum Posts, and a bunch of other free ways to get traffic.


There are paid methods like PPC and PPV, but I have to be honest and say I don’t do any of these.




There you have a formula of $ 100 a day. If you are new, I suggest you research every step of this forum and really know how to do it before you jump in.

Look, this is going to take a HARD WORK on your part, so focus and get a work ethic if you don’t already have one.

All the best hope and really hope you start making some big dough

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