Ahrefs.com: Great web tools with graphics and charts

Ahrefs.com: Great web tools with graphics and charts:

Ahrefs.com is another site where we can track our blog performance based on the number of backlinks to our blog. Apart from checking the number of backlinks, Ahrefs.com also offers SERP analysis (search engine results page)

What is SERP?

SERP is the search engine results page. SERP matches the pages or search results displayed by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo based on the keywords in the query. SERP analysis shows which pages will appear based on your blog’s keywords.

Ahrefs.com site explorer

ahrefs site explorer

The site explorer can detect the number of backlinks to our blog. It also shows the number of new backlinks VS the number of lost backlinks. Besides, it also shows us the type of sites linked to our blog such as .com, .net, .au, .us, etc.

The site explorer is quite good in terms of graphical representation. We can see graphs and pie charts, which is good for showing us the information we need.

SERP Analysis

Ahrefs.com offers SERPs analytics. Here we can see the cost of traffic, the type of keywords that will show our blog in search engines and we can compare Google to Yahoo and Bing. This is a great feature because we know how much money we can make based on current traffic and keywords.

While we don’t have full access to Ahrefs.com’s SERP analysis, it does give a good overview of our site and we have an idea of ​​how to optimize our blog to make more money by line. Based on Ahrefs.com’s SERP analysis, Earn Money From Blog V2 now has a traffic cost of $ 4.52 which means my blog can earn around $ 4.52 depending on the ranking of the current traffic and current keywords.

Ahrefs.com is a good site that provides good information about our site, but the bad thing about it is if we want to use all the features we have to pay to use it. For me, I always prefer the free stuff, so I’m going to stick with the free version.

You can try Ahrefs.com to see how your blog is performing.

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