What people like to watch on YouTube | YouTube Keyword Tool

What people like to watch on YouTube | YouTube Keyword Tool:


Have you ever wondered what videos are people looking for on YouTube? Well I’m a YouTube user myself and most of the time I’m looking for videos that I like such as photography, blogging, SEO and more. Sometimes I wonder why some videos get so many views while some videos of the same topics get a lot less views on YouTube.


Well, some of you could probably say “These videos that get a lot of views because the quality is good”, “These videos are funny”, “Sexy girls in the video”, etc. Is it true? Well, some are very true. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to use a keyword tool to check YouTube search counts, which will help you target high search volume keywords to get your videos listed on the results page of YouTube. YouTube search. (It’s like doing search engine optimization, the difference is it’s on Youtube.)


Then I was looking to find out which videos and which keywords get a lot of searches on YouTube and I came across a tool known as the YouTube Keywords Tool. This tool is quite similar to AdWords Keywords Tool which is used to check keywords and monthly keyword research amount.


What people want to watch on YouTube

YouTube can be thought of as the internet video search engine. It can be seen as the next big source of traffic other than Google and other search engines. Some YouTube videos get over 2 billion views and the traffic is only a part of the total monthly YouTube traffic. Imagine if you could get some traffic from YouTube, that would be a very large amount of visitors flooding your blog.

Maybe this is why everyone is trying so hard to get views on their YouTube videos in the hopes of channeling some YouTube visitors to their blogs / websites. Even getting 0.001% of YouTube traffic is more than enough for most webmasters.


2 billion = 2,000,000,000 views

0.001% of 2 billion = 200,000 views.


Getting 200,000 visitors to your blog in a month, isn’t that great? But things are not as easy as they seem. Theoretically this is achievable but in reality it is not easy to get 2 billion views on our YouTube videos.


So, here’s how to use the YouTube keyword tool. Enter the keywords you want to check, then click Search. Make sure the language is “English”. The YouTube Keyword Tool works like the AdWords Keyword Tool. It will display relevant keywords based on your keywords and tell you the number of monthly searches for the keywords you enter.


How to do keyword research on YouTube keyword tools

When you want to check the number of monthly searches for the keywords you choose, be sure to select the “Match Type” as “Exact”, as this will ensure that the result presented to you is the exact search for the words – keys. I circled it in the image above, this is the place to change the “Match Type” to “Exact”.


By using the exact match of the keywords, you can see the number of monthly searches. So if you want to name your YouTube videos, name your videos according to the keywords that get a lot of searches. This ensures that you are targeting the audience and that your videos contain the exact keywords that the audience is looking for.


I’m not saying that using YouTube Keywords Tool can guarantee success in getting 2 billion views on your YouTube videos. But these tools help you get your videos to the first page of the YouTube search result, which will lead to more views.


Other criteria for more views on YouTube videos:

High quality videos

Videos with good content

Funny, cute or sexy videos

Popular People Videos

and more…

I’ve noticed that most of the best videos on YouTube have at least one of the criteria listed above. Why do these criteria work well? This is because if people like your video (funny, sexy or cute, high quality videos or videos or popular superstar etc), they will gladly share your videos on Facebook, Twitter or even email to their friends. . Some even go all the way to write blog posts about it. Words travel faster than lightning (I think it’s faster than lightning or maybe the speed of sound), when thousands of people start talking about your videos, your videos of come superstar on YouTube!


So, try to create videos based on the above criteria, I’m sure your videos will get a large amount of views on YouTube.

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