Topsy Analytics | Webtool to analyze the trend of tweets:

Topsy Analytics | Webtool to analyze the trend of tweets:

Hello Viewers, I am back with an amazing tool that will help you to track or analyze the trend of Twitter tweets based on keywords, username and domain name. The tool is Topsy Analytics, I know many of you are aware about thus tool but now, this tool is providing a feature for users to track performance based on keywords, username and domain name. The tool is quite easy to use. Just type in the keywords, username or domain name you want to know and then hit the compare button and you will get the trending information in seconds.

This tool is simple yet powerful because it tracks keyword usage on Twitter. It is a great tool besides the Google AdWords keyword tool. AdWords Keywords Tool is primarily used to track keywords searched in Google, but Topsy analytics tool is to track keywords used in Twitter tweets.

This tool is an excellent lever for our tweets on Twitter. It is one of the best webtool to analyze the trend of tweets. If you want to attract more visitors to Twitter and make money from your blog, so in this case this tool is a great tool that you should not miss. So, continue reading this article as in this article you will get complete information about it in detail. 

Why I like using Topsy Analytics

This tool is useful because I can find the best performing keywords or hash tags to use in my tweet. In my previous post I mentioned Twitter and how to use it effectively, I discussed hash tags and alias tags. Both tags are a powerful feature of Twitter so that we can get more visitors to our blog.

Before tweeting my posts, I’ll be looking for suitable keywords in Topsy. I will try to find the most used and popular tags so that my articles are listed in front of all audiences. This is a great way to get more visibility because by using popular hash tags (tailored to my posts) I actually categorize my posts into this hash tag and it will be shown to all users interested in this topic. .

For example: #money #twitter #blogging

I use these 3 hash tags to compare popularity in Topsy analyzes. As you can see, the highest and most popular hash tag is #Twitter, followed by #Money and finally #blogging. So in order to place my posts in the most popular categories, I’m going to tweet my posts like below:

Using this tweet my tweet will be listed in the “Twitter” category (#Twitter ) which will be shown to a large amount of audience following that category on Twitter. Another hash tag that I like is the #Money tag , which is suitable for my blog as I write a lot about how to make money online. I think most people who follow “#Money” will be interested in knowing more about ways to make money online. You can use any hash tag as per your niche

Personally, I have found this method to work well if my posts are hash tags related. So if you are using Twitter, why not use Topsy Analyzes to find the best popular hash tags for your tweet? It’s free and it’s very helpful for us to engage more audiences on Twitter.

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