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Click here to instantly earn 100$ !:

I’m sorry, but you won’t get the $ 100. It was just to show you how important titles are.

So important that some of you haven’t even read the first paragraph displayed on the home page, but just click on to get to the hundred as quickly as possible. As you can see, titles are everything. I will probably get more clicks on this post than any other. Headings should be used to draw attention to a certain article or simply to highlight it and differentiate it from others.

There are a few tips you can use to create great headlines and quickly grab the reader’s attention.

Be helpful.

Using words like “free giveaway” or “Click here to …” will surely prompt readers to check out what the giveaway is; they click to see what the agreement is. Publishing lists is usually very helpful, something like

List of 10 essential directories.

List of the 10 most used WP plugins.

Put a little mystery:

Make visitors feel like they need to click on the post to verify what happened. Something like “I can’t believe this video…” or “It was funny!” will make readers want to see what was funny or what happened in this video. The more “mystery effect” there is, the better.

Let readers want to find out what is happening on your post!

Use keywords.

By keywords I mean words that grab the reader’s attention. You can use, as an example:

“WOW!” or “This is crazy !!” “Do not click here”

It will immediately grab the attention of others. It will also let you let your readers know that you are getting something amazing, something they need to check out. And they will check.

Don’t be afraid to use caps.

People will tend to draw more attention to something that is written in all caps. What do you see first?

This or THIS?

Use it as a way to tell the difference between certain parts of your blog. To draw attention to a particular message or even an announcement.

Be direct.

Titles like “Click here”. “You must / should click here,” will prompt readers to click on the link. Simple, but this is how we work. A simple title, two or three words, with a bit of authority will create an “I must click on this link” effect.

Try to play with human behavior and enjoy it. Always remember that humans are extremely curious and will always want to know what happens to something.

Thanks for reading.

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