How to Completely ruin a Facebook friendship in under 6 minutes

How to completely ruin a Facebook friendship in under 6 minutes

They can make your day by helping you with motivation, they can make you laugh, present you with amazing facts, maybe even provide a goofy video or two. They are always there if and when you need them.

If at any point you fancy a little relief, maybe even just a break from work or just someone to talk to, your FB friends are there for you. Personally, I feel greatly enriched by all of the cultures, backgrounds and different personalities that make up my own group of crazy friends on Facebook.

However, as in all areas of life, there are a few people on Facebook who I think get more than they contribute. These are the people who don’t comment, like, share, or contribute to any part of your conversations, but then are very happy to ask you for favors.

I get several people a day asking me to “like” their pages, or even help them with STUFF… which I am very happy to do if I have the time, but at least get to know myself a little bit. ‘first instead of going directly for the KILL ..

What are you looking for in your Facebook friends?

Let me ask you a question

1) Do you like people who like you?

2) Do you like people who REALLY look like you?

3) Do you like the people you would like to be as RIGHT? … So if I don’t know you or haven’t had any contact,

WHY would you think I’d just do you a favor out of the blue? Why?

How to completely ruin a Facebook friendship in under 6 minutes


It’s all about social media, the clue is in the words, it’s social media, so let’s get social! ..

You’re much more likely to get people to do things for YOU, if you at least do something for them first, even if you just like a post, it’s SOMETHING.

How to keep Facebook friends

It takes time to cultivate a true friendship, both offline and online, and it can take a few minutes, let alone to RUIN it completely! .. Here are some suggestions for keeping friends and influencing people on Facebook:

1) When people comment, share or like your posts… do the favor.

2) If you want people to “like” your page, contact them and ask if they have a page that you can “like” in return.

3) Every now and then surprise people with a personal message, just wishing them a nice day or something simple like that can be a great way to keep your name at the forefront of someone’s mind.

4) Add content to your wall that is informative, amazing, funny, and interesting enough that when other people share it, they will feel the VALUE of your friendship.

But most of all, always give MORE THAN YOU TAKE, that way you’ll still have a huge stream of willing Facebook friends who are always going to want to help.

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