How to make $40 an hour as a Ghost Writer Artist

How to make $ 40 an hour as a Ghost Writer Artist:

What exactly is a Ghostwriter?

It’s a person who writes articles or books for people who don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves.

Therefore, the person you are writing Ghost for will post the content under their own name as if they were the original author.

How can we get involved and what is in it for us?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably stumbled upon article marketing because you thought it was the “THING TO DO” as an Internet Marketer.

Well, I still believe it’s the right thing to do, but it’s a pretty slow way to generate traffic.

It is said, that in each person – is a book, which is just waiting to come out.

Instead of waiting for the book to come out, I would rather earn a good income in Ghostwriting for others in the short term.

This can only enhance our early careers in internet marketing not only by building a reputation as a writer of some note but also by making us a sought-after author of quality content.

Now notice, I said Quality …

The better you can write, the more demanded you become because your content will hook the reader to explore the entire article, giving it a sense of worth.

Once a reader experiences this value, they will look favorably on any offers made in the article, thereby increasing the click-through rate on the offer.

Becoming a Ghost Writer, by writing for other internet marketers, can SERIOUSLY increase your income and set you up both with a great reputation for delivering quality content, as well as a much needed regular income.


What about the prices?

This figure will largely depend on

a) What you consider reasonable hourly income for yourself

b) How you can write an article QUICKLY

c) What the market will pay for a GOOD item.

Now I know you can outsource article writing to the Far East and probably find someone on Fiverr to build a half decent article for $ 5. However, the only way I would personally sell an item for $ 5 is to sell it multiple times.

Yes, you can make money writing articles this way, you can also add them to a PLR site that sells article packs on various HOT Niches.

What is PLR?

PLR – or Private Label Rights products are usually a product designed so that other people can brand themselves and sell themselves as their own product i.e. ebooks. PLR sites are sites that sell this content to the public and this content may come in the form of article packs or e-books. It can of course also be video products. you can actually create a PLR site yourself and do it.

Buy PLR content or build it yourself and then sell it from your website. Once you gain a reputation for selling quality articles, you will likely be very busy as many people around the world today want quality content, but don’t necessarily have the time to do it themselves. .

SO, you’re NOT good at writing articles yet? At first, most people are not. Very few people are natural article writers. When I first started writing articles it used to take me hours, just to write a 500 word article, now with practice I can write a good article in about half an hour or less .. To be a Good article writing, especially at speed, requires skill – but like all skills, they can be learned.

To be a top quality ghostwriter, you need to practice. Offer your content for free at first, by offering to be a guest blogger.

This means that you look at other people’s blogs and see exactly what they are writing about. Pick someone who offers content in a niche similar to your expertise and then offer to write a quality blog post for free … some will say no, some will say yes.

I am always looking for quality articles on Make Money For My Blog …

If your post is good, people will comment on it, bringing additional traffic and interest to this blog. Once you’ve built a reputation for yourself, approach one or two,

promising marketers to write for. Once they’ve published some of your articles, then you can feel confident enough about promoting your service to top marketers – in return for good dollars.

Once your business grows, you can charge over $ 40 an hour to write content for people. Some people who work the same way have more than doubled that number.

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