Define Immunization

Q- Define Immunization.

Answer- Immunization is a term that is used to define the process of giving the vaccine to an organism to generate immunity in his/her body to fight against the microbe of a particular disease. This process helps in generating antibodies inside the organism’s body to defend against microbes of a specific disease.

Our body gains immunity against the microbes of diseases through the process of immunization.
In other words, Immunization is also known as vaccination as it defines the process of giving the vaccine to an organism.

The word immunization can easily be used with interchangeability with inoculation or vaccination.

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Immunization helps in generating immunity in the body of an organism to defend against microbes of a specific disease. Immunization helps in protecting the body of an organism from disease. There are several diseases whose vaccines were founded by scientists that help people in forming antibodies in their body. The vaccines for different diseases are used to contain the specific antigen of a specific disease to defend its microbes.

There are different ways to provide vaccines to organisms as some vaccines are made to be injected inside the organism’s body through needles and some had to be given through mouth (orally). Vaccination has been started for different diseases since ancient times. But mostly vaccines are made for some very dangerous illnesses. There are several different serious illnesses that are today being treated by vaccines. Some of the diseases that are treated by vaccination are given below:

  1. Polio
  2. Ear infection
  3. Blood infection
  4. mumps
  5. pneumonia
  6. tetanus
  7. rubella
  8. rotavirus
  9. varicella
  10. measles
  11. influenza
  12. diphtheria

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