How to Increase Breast size Naturally | 5 Best Breast massages

Do you want to increase your breast size naturally at home? So, this article is only for you as in this article we are telling you about how to increase breast size naturally and quickly. So, first of all, we would like to tell you that there are several ways to increase your breast size naturally but the most effective and quick resulting way is to massage your breasts daily.

Breast Massage is one of the best and most working methods that is used to increase breast size naturally at home. This is because massaging your breast helps them to grow properly and also provides some good extra benefits to your body and it is completely safe (without any side effects). Nowadays many females want to know how to increase breast size naturally.

how to increase breast size naturally
How to increase breast size naturally

If you are female and have small breasts so it might be your very big desire to increase your breast size naturally without any side effects. As big breasts help females to look more attractive as compared to females with small breasts. Many studies showed that females with big breasts are more confident as compared to one with small breasts. So, you should read all the different massages given below carefully and you can implement any of them that you found suitable for you.

So, In this article, we are going to share some techniques that will help you massage your breast properly. In these massages, there is no need for any kind of specific oil or cream. You can use any oil or any skin cream for it. So, keep reading this amazing and helpful article, and if you hadn’t followed our website so follow now from the button given below the comment section at bottom of this article. So, you will get our latest articles regularly.

How to Increase Breast size Naturally?

As we already told you that massaging your breast is the best way to increase your breast size naturally at home. We are providing you five best breast massages that will help you to increase your breast size. You only have to read all these breast massaging techniques carefully and then try anyone which you found best for yourself.

1. Reiki Breast Massage Technique: Reiki massage is one of the most popular breast massaging techniques. This massage is popular in Japan and the word “Reiki” is a Japanese word that means spiritual energy. This massage technique is the best massage to increase breast size at home. The step by step procedure of Reiki Breast Massage is given below:

Step 1: Make your hands warm then take some natural breast massage cream or breast massage oil. Rub it properly with your both palms. This makes your hands soft.

Step 2: Start massaging your waist and then move your hand towards your breasts because this helps in the transfer of fat tissues. After massaging your waist for a few minutes move your hand on your breasts and start rubbing your hand gently on your breasts and spread figures around them.

Step 3: Place your right hand on the right breast and your left hand on the left breast. Massage them mainly using fingertips.

Step 4: Move your hand in a circular motion over your breasts. You should keep in your mind that your right hand should move clockwise and your left hand should move anti-clockwise manner. Do this two times per day for 5 to 15 minutes each but avoid doing it for more than 15 minutes.

Step 5: Instead of moving your hand in a circular motion, you should try to move your breast in a circular motion slightly.

If you are feeling pain in your both arms because of continuous massaging so you can also try to massage each breast at a time. In this way, you can massage your breast in two times.

Read these points immediately because if you leave them so this message might not work for your breasts. So, read these small points carefully.

  • You should avoid touching your nipples during the massage because they are very sensitive parts.
  • Do not press your breast hardly. Press your breasts enough so that you feel good instead of hurt.
  • If you are feeling soreness in your breast so you have to reduce pressing your breast while massaging.
  • Do not use cold or hard hands on the breast instead of it you can use warm hands and breast massage cream or oil.

2. Chi Massage Trick: This is one of the best massages to increase breast size at home. You have to simply do this twice for 15 minutes every day and you will quickly get good results from this message. You can do this massage using the step given below:

Step 1: Make your hands arm by rubbing the on each other or by washing them with warm water.

Step 2: Start this massage by holding each breast from each hand in a cup-like structure. You have to leave nipples from the middle of your finger. Avoid touching nipples.

Step 3: Now using your fingertips only you have to gently rub your fingers over your breast in a circular motion. You have to keep in your mind that you have to keep the strokes inward.

Step 4: Do this for about 15 minutes and twice a day So, you will soon notice good results.

3. Feng Shui Breast Massage: Feng Shui Breast Massage is a massage that is focused mainly on energy as it ensures a steady circulation of energy in your body, especially in the breasts. If you are looking for how to increase breast size naturally so this massage may be best for you. If you practice this massage so you will definitely see results within 2 to 4 weeks.

Step 1: Make a kind of fist from your both hand and then place them on each breast and started moving them in a circular motion. Do this circular motion 20 to 25 times.

Step 2: After it start slapping each breast lightly about 50 times. While slapping your breast remember that you have to do it very lightly so that you would not get hurt from it.

Step 3: Now make a claw-like structure using your hands and put them on each breast. Then, grab each breast from outside towards the nipples. Do the same at least 15 times for each breast.

Step 4: Start squeezing each breast gently 10 times.

Step 5: Now, lift your left breast using your left hand and massage it using your right hand 20 times then do the same for the right breast. You should keep in your mind that the massage session should be 5 minutes for each breast so that you will get maximum results.

4. Simple Breast Massage Trick: This is a kind of simple breast massage that you can do to increase breast size naturally. You can try this breast massage using the step-by-step procedure given below:

Step 1: Take some oil or breast massage cream. Put your palm on the center of your breasts. Use light pressure in this massage.

Step 2: Start moving from the inward to the outward region following the contour of the breasts. During this, your hands should move from the outside towards the middle of the body following a circular motion. Repeat this process 15 to 20 times.

Step 3: After it is swept the motion starts from the underarms towards the front region following the upward as well as inwards stroke. Do not forget to alternate your hands. Do this about 20 times.

Step 4: Now, use both hands to lift one of your breasts lightly upwards. Do this about 20 times for both breasts.

Step 5: Now at the last step follow the second step but this time you do not have to do an inwards firm stroke. Keep the pressure light during this.

5. Breast Slapping Massage Technique: Breast slapping massage is also one of the best massages to increase breast size at home. This is an old massage technique. This massage was the first time done by Thai therapist Khemmikka Na Songkhla and using this technique she increased her breast size by 4 to 6 inches you can also try this one. She told that this massage technique was told to her by her grandmother.

In the year 2003, this massage technique was approved by Thailand officials. But we want to tell you that you have to do this massage very carefully and lightly because if you do it harshly so this might be very painful for you.

There are many places in Thailand where this massage is available but no one has revealed the actual way to do this massage. If you are from Thailand so you can try this massage from there otherwise you can do any other massage as we have provided you with many massage techniques above.

How to get fast results from Breast Massage?

If you want to know ‘how to increase breast size fast naturally’. So you have to keep some points in your mind before starting doing breast massage to increase breast size faster. These are very important points to be followed before starting practicing breast massage:

  • You should try to feel sexually excited while massaging your breast as it increases estrogen level in your body hence you will see good results fast.
  • Try to do breast massage before or after any sexual activity such as having sexual intercourse or masturbation as this increases estrogen level in your body hence, makes the breast enlarging process quicker. It s very important for you to increase your physical as well as sexual stamina naturally to make yourself sexually active.
  • You can do breast massage with your partner so that it becomes more pleasurable for you.
  • You can also rub your finger around the clitoris to feel sexually active while massaging your breast. But you should use any lubricant while rubbing your finger around your clitoris.

Does Breast massage actually Increase Breast size?

This is one of the most common questions that is asked by many females in the comment section. So, the correct answer to this question is Yes, breast massage actually helps in increasing breast size. If you are looking for how to increase breast size naturally and are believing in it. So, you can try any one of the massage techniques that we provided you above for 1 or 2 months and we are sure that the majority of you will get good and satisfying results.

Many surveys found that among all females who tried breast massage most of them get good results. So, we suggest you all try it once and share your personal experience with us in the comment box below. If you have any doubt or any questions in your mind so you can tell us in the comment box and if you want to get a quick reply to your comment so you should follow our website from the button given below the comment box.

Why is Breast Massage not changing the size of my Breast?

Some people asked us in the comment box of our previous posts: why breast massage is not changing the size of their breasts so here I am telling you the actual reason behind it. So, there are many reasons behind the failure of breast massage in increasing your breast size. The 5 most common factors behind them are given below:

  • Most people do not want to practice breast massages for more time. They quit practicing it after one or 2 weeks. But these people should keep in their mind that breast massage is a slow process to increase your breast size. But you can make it faster by practicing it regularly.
  • People do not practice breast massages daily. They do it daily at the beginning and after a few days, they started skipping days. This is the reason behind breast massage not working in your breasts.
  • Sometimes you started working to complete any task but while working you started making over expectations that make you disappointed from it. If you are over-expecting from breast massage so this makes your brain neglect the growth that occurs because of breast massage.
  • In many cases, females do not get good results from breast massage because they do not practice it properly and with proper consistency. There are many females who try breast massage along with any other work such as watching television etc.
  • This is the last and mostly found factor behind not getting good results from breast massages. This factor is that you are not taking enough nutrition into your diet. This means that you are eating food that is not enough nutritious to fulfill the demands of your body. So, that is why breast massaging is not changing your breast size.

Benefits of Massaging Breasts

There are many advantages of massaging your breast. Some of the advantages are mentioned below but to get good results from massaging your breasts you have to massage the properly in a correct manner. So, in this article, we will share some correct techniques to massage your breast.

  • Increase Breast size: Regularly massaging your breast will let them grow properly and enhances their size naturally.
  • Improves Blood Circulation: It is true that massaging your breast helps in improving blood circulation in your body. In fact, massaging your breast also enhances your capability to produce breast milk. If you want to increase breast milk supply naturally so you can try reading our tips to increase breast size naturally at home.
  • Improves your Physical Presence: We all know that big breasts play a very vital role in improving your look. This is because if you have big breasts you can wear all types of dresses and they fit on your body because of your attractive figure. If you have big breasts so this helps a lot in improving your physical posture or presence.
  • Prevent and Repair Sagging breasts: If your breasts started sagging because of any reason and you want to repair them or want them to come back to their actual look. So, you should try breast massage because it firms all the muscle present in the breast and this makes your breasts look toned instead of sagging.
  • Help in decreasing chances of Breast Cancer: Many types of research and studies proved that massaging your breast enhances blood circulation in your body, especially in the breast region, and also enhances the increase of hormones that help in expelling cancer cells. In this way, breast massage is helpful in decreasing the chances of breast cancer in your body.
  • Remain Young: Massaging your breast makes your brain release several important hormones in your body. One of the hormones that is released by the brain while massaging the breast is the youthful hormone. It includes oxytocin, prolactin, estrogen, etc. hormones that together help you to look younger. And also prevent wrinkles on your skin.
  • Relieves Depression and Stress: It is scientifically proven that breast massage increases the release of oxytocin as well as estrogen hormone that helps you to stay stress-free and avoids mental disorders such as depression.
  • Increases Breast milk production: Breast massage is not only helpful in increasing breast size but it is also helpful in increasing breast milk production. According to several medical experts, lactating women can reap the maximum benefit through breast massage.


You should keep in your mind that breast massage does not show results urgently as it took regular practice (breast massage) for 1 to 3 months as your wish. Many people look for how to increase breast size naturally at home. We recommend you add breast massage to your daily routine because massaging your breast has several other health benefits that we mentioned above.

All the massage techniques that we share with you in this article are completely safe and do not harm your breasts. Through this article, we are not going to promote any kind of bad activity we are only telling you some massage techniques that will help you in increasing your breast size.

We all know that there are many females who have a desire to increase their breast size but most of them are unable to do this because they quit before actually starting. This means that they start doing breast massage but after some days or weeks they left it because of not getting results. That is why breast massage is not working in your breast.

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