How to Sell with WordPress Blogging

How to Sell with WordPress Blogging:


What are you selling when you blog on WordPress? You can’t sell, right?


Yes, you can definitely sell with WordPress blogs. But what are you selling?


This guide describes the best ways to play seller for a few hours a day as a WordPress blogger.


What you sell to make money online:

What you make money with online depends on your area of ​​expertise and what is valuable in that market. For example, if you are selling first edition rare books, you might think that a WordPress blog is not going to get you anything. Wrong, because with any type of blog, you can market your business, provide special offers, and engage new customers every day. Why? Blogging is naturally search engine friendly; blogs rank very well on Google and Yahoo, and will continue to do so. You can sell products. You can sell services. Or you can focus on passive income to make money online with ads.


Also, you would need a blog to make money blogging, and it will use a hosted server. is free, but you can’t monetize the blog.


How to Sell and Make Money Online:

If you are selling products, a basic Paypal account is all you really need. You can also create a shopping cart or use Paypal to create purchase links. Paypal is best for small businesses, but for larger businesses, full shopping cart programs might be in order. These are all easy to use, especially the PayPal merchant service. If you sell services, you can market by blogging and gain a captive audience that could turn into buyers. Again, you can use Paypal to add buttons to your WordPress blog. A potential buyer could pay you $ 100 for a consulting project, or you could be hired as a web designer by a large company.

If you focus on passive income to make money online, you have literally millions of options for advertisers and hundreds of high paying income programs. Adsense is the popular advertising program, but there are many other influential affiliate programs. For example, you can sell products through Amazon and earn a percentage of the sales. You can also join Clickbank and sell unique products that apply to your WordPress blog.


Who you work with to make money blogging:

You usually work with some sort of merchant service so that you can get paid. Paypal is fair, honest and risk free if used correctly. Typically, people will find your blog through a search engine. This makes SEO doubly important: you need to optimize your WordPress blog. Once buyers start to visit, you don’t convert all of them. You need the right ads to get them to buy. It just depends on your area.

And if you are earning passive income, there are a variety of affiliate programs. Some blogs make 90% of their income with Adsense. Others create special reports / eBooks on popular topics and use Clickbank to sell or market them.

What you gain by blogging:

Paypal takes a small percentage of each sale you create, and some merchant services will charge you a monthly fee. Affiliate marketing companies like Google will take around 20% of all income, sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on what you sell and what you manufacture. It may take six months to a year for you to make a big profit. With millions of WordPress blogs, this is just a reality.


How to make a career out of it:

If you want to make money blogging, use a blog hosted at and pay the small monthly fee. WordPress is very popular because it is so easy to monetize and has so many “cool” themes to wow your visitors.


How to make WordPress blogging a career?

The best method is to find a niche that you can make money with, develop it, see your earning potential, and then start another blog on a similar topic. Some blogs are so popular that they need multiple people to manage them, but most professional bloggers will tell you that one blog is not enough to make money blogging. The good news is that with the friendliness and the benefits of WordPress, it’s simple to update 2-4 blogs every day to make money. You just need the content, and that’s another story.

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